Friday, June 26, 2009

Ah! the Memories!

Many years ago, when we lived in Germany, we took
a trip to Holland to see the tulips (among other things!)
When we were in Amsterdam, we didn't know where
to park our Volkswagen minivan. We were told we
could park it in a big excavation pit right across
the way from this railway station. Some cars were
leaving and were having trouble climbing out of the
pit, but we parked there anyway. When we were
ready to leave, our little minivan climbed right on
out just like it was made for climbing hills!
This postcard, which I received today from Peter,
brought back these memories as clearly as if
they were yesterday!
Thank you so much, Peter, for such a wonderful

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Beacon of Hope

From the Ukrainian city of Odessa comes
this picture of Vorontsov lighthouse.
The card comes from Anna, who lives in
Odessa city. She tells me it is called the
City of Humor' because their people never
lose heart and stay full of energy and happiness.
What a nice thought!
Anna also says there are lots of artists, writers,
musicians, and scientists living there.
Thank you, Anna, for introducing me to your
wonderful 'hometown'!
This stamp, showing beautiful grains of wheat,
brought the card from Ukraine to Texas!

First Card From Sweden

This beautiful mapcard comes from Vinda.
It is from Dalakarlia, Sweden, where, Vinda says,
there is a beautiful area with forests, lakes, and
farms. She says she used to celebrate midsummer
there when she was younger.
Thank you, Vinda, for the great card!
Vinda said she hasn't sent any postcards for a
long time, but she found these cute stamps.
Than she looked a little more and found
this card, and, BINGO.
I'm so glad she found the stamps and card,
because they are beautiful and they are
my first ones from Sweden!
Thanks, again, Vinda!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Card From Tommi, the Artist!

Tommi, a clever artist from Finland, sent me this
beautiful card. It looks like 'The Yellow Rose of Texas'!
But wait...there's more!!!

Tommi said my nickname (beachcomber)
inspired him, so look what was on the back
of the card:
I LOVE it, and I think it is so clever! I am
proud to be the inspiration for Tommi's
Thank you, Tommi, for the great artwork
and for the card!

The Card Without An Identity!

Do YOU know this card???
I received this very nice 'Earth' card from Beth
in St. Louis, Missouri. However, Beth
forgot to put the ID number on it and I
cannot register it. If you are Beth, or if you
know Beth, please tell her to contact me so I
can register her card.
Thank you, Beth, for the card. I really like the
astronauts heading to their rocket. I have
never received an astronaut card before!

First Card From Berlin

I have received quite a few cards from Germany
(Deutschland), but this is the first one I have
gotten from Berlin. It comes from Svenja, a
27-year-old newlywed! She says she loves traveling
and has been to the USA several times. She has
also lived in Egypt and Tunisia!
Thank you, Svenja, for the nice card!

Cute card!

This cute card came to me from Elke and
her family, who live in Saarbrueken.
I think it's nice that this doggie's 'people' put a
basket outside the door where he can wait
until someone lets him in!
Thank you, Elke, for the card, and best wishes to
you and your family!

Monday, June 22, 2009

How about THIS great card?

This beautiful card is from Lapland.
Maria, who lives above the Arctic Circle in Finland,
send me this card and I am thrilled with it!
It is painted by Merja Aletta Ranttila, a Sami artist.
Sami people are the indigenous people of Lapland,
and they have their own culture, traditions and
language, according to Maria. She says they
have inhabited the northern Isolated areas
for thousands of years. The card shows a bit
of their traditional costume as well as someof the
ancient symbols.
You can see the symbols around the edge of the
painting, and then there is a symbol showing
a hunter in the lower left corner. I can also see
the reindeer, the midnight sun, and the Northern
Lights represented here.
Thank you so very much, Maria, for this wonderful
introduction to Laplanders!

Flowers from Holland

I'm not quite sure, but I think these flowers
look like asters. The beautiful PURPLE
(my favorite color) flowers comes to me
from Petula in Holland.
Thank you, Petula!

American Indian Symbols

This is a great postcard of American
Indian symbols. It was sent to me by Elia,
who lives in Arizona.
According to the legend on back of the card,
the earliest writings of American Indians were
those of signs and symbols. These symbols are
always apparent in their handicraft and jewelry.
Thank you, Elia, for the great card! My son is
very interested in Indian pictographs and
petroglyphs, and he likes the card too!

Friday, June 19, 2009

'Dancing on the River'

This is one of my all-time favorite postcards!
It comes to me from Linda, who lives in
Finland. The photograph is entitled,
'Dancing on the River' and was taken by Quint
Buchholz. Isn't it great?
Linda also tells me that she has a dog,
a pug named Oona who is 2 years old.
Linda says that dogs make her so much happier
and that maybe it is the same as I feel about
the sea. Very true, Linda, and I thank you
for the wonderful card!

Beautiful Architecture in Minsk (Belarus)

Nadya, who was born in Hamel but now lives and
studies in Minsk, Belarus, sent me this beautiful
etching of the Church of Simon and Alena.
She is studying journalism at the University.
Thank you so very much, Nadya, for sharing
this beautiful picture with me!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Penghu Stone Weir

Here is a very unusual card. It was sent by
Linnet Wu, who traveled here to celebrate finishing
University in June. The Penhu Islands (also called
Pescadores (Portuguese for 'fishermen') are off the
western coast of Taiwan. It has become a resort area.
Stone weirs were built by fishermen to catch fish.
They were built when tide was out and then the rising
tide would bring in the fish, which were trapped by
the outgoing tide. The weirs usually have only one
layer, but this one has two. People speculate that the
first one was built too deep and the fish were getting
away. Therefore, a second one was built and it
accidentally created the double heart shape.
Thank you Linnet Wu, for a very interesting card!

Tis Summer in Finland!

This beautiful card with its beautiful flowers,
lucious berries, and grassy meadow, comes
to me from Sari, who lives in Mantsala, a
county in Southern Finland. Sari is a food service
superior at the Health Central
I love the card, Sari! Thank you so much!

More Water--In Its Natural Habitat!

This beautiful waterfall is in one of Indiana's
state parks. It is called Clifty Falls, and
the postcard comes to me from Kara.
She shares my love of beaches and collecting shells.
Quite the animal lover, Kara has 5 ducks, one
baby chicken, 5 cats, one dog. Her ducks
are part of a 4-H project this year.
Thank you, Kara, for the lovely card and for telling
me a little about your animals!

An 'Arty' card from Austria--very Unique!

In my Postcrossing profile, I have mentioned
that I like cards that are 'unique'.
These next few cards fit that description nicely!

This card, a beautiful flower of some kind, came
to me from Alberto, who lives in Vienna, Austria.
I do love the card, Alberto! Thank you very much!
Alberto is working on a postcard project for
world peace. You will find it at
If you would like to have a part in this project,
you can check out the website and send a postcard
with a 'message of peace' on it. The addresses
are on the website.

Uniquely Japan!

It looks like a million starbursts! Or maybeit is
more like fireworks, or thousands of little fuzzy insects.
Actually, they are flowers floating down a river
in Japan's southern island of Iriomote.
Just beautiful!!!
It was sent to me by Emi who lives in Osaka,
Japan's largest city.
Thank you, Emi, for the beautiful card!

A Satellite Image From India

This satellite image postcard comes to me from
Prashant in India. The image is of Ahmadabad City
in India. I find the river particularly interesting
because it is flowing so heavily for awhile and then
it narrows to a trickle. I suppose it must be dammed
up for use as a water resource. It is a unique card!
Thank you, Prashant, very much!

An Unusual (unique) Postcard From Taiwan

This great postcard comes from Chiang in Taiwan.
It looks like some kind of weather phenomena,
perhaps a typhoon blowing in, or maybe a
dust storm being picked up by the wind.
I really like it because it satisfies my desire
for something unique! Thank you very much,

A 'Thank You' from Denmark

Rita sent this lovely card from Fredericia in Denmark.
Isn't it beautiful? I love Denmark, and this is my first
card from there. I have so many wonderful
memories from the vacation we took to that country:
visiting Copenhagen, the Langelinie (Little Mermaid),
Tivoli Gardens, Odense, Hans Christian Andersen's home,
Roskilde and the Viking Museum.
Thank you, Rita, for your postcard and reminding me
of what a wonderful place Denmark is!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Temple of the Dawn

This lovely picture comes to me from Thailand.
Sirawit, who is a newcomer to Postcrossing,
sent it to me from his hometown,
Bangkok, Thailand.
Thank you very much, Sirawit, for the
very nice picture of the Temple of the Dawn!

A Beautiful Finnish River

I love the beautiful 'whitewater' river rushing
through the woods in this picture.
My kind of place!
The card comes from Hovila who lives in
a small town near Tampere, Finland.
Thank you, Hovila, for the great card!
I also love the stamp with the Finnish flag.
I think Finland has a beautiful flag and they
also issue such beautiful stamps!

How About a Sauna?

Hanna, who lives in Lapland, above the Arctic
Circle, sent me this great card of a sauna, which,
she says, is an essential part of Finnish culture.
The stamp below is also of a sauna near a lake.
As Hanna says, it is so you can go to swim to cool down
and then again to the sauna. It also shows the midnight
sun in Lapland.
Thank you, Hanna, for a great card!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Nice Brazilian Beach

This card comes to me from Debora, who
lives in Santo Andre, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
It is a beautiful beach with a nice skyline
behind it. Thank you, Debora, for a great card!

Superheroes, Unite!

This great Marvel Comics postcard
came to me from Canada.
The name of the person who sent it is not on the card,
But I do like it. She (he?) says that she does not
share my love of water because she becomes queasy.
She also said that she got sea-sick on a whale-watching
vacation where she only saw some seals!
Thank you for the card, and better luck on your
next boat trip!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Virginia is for (Lighthouse) lovers!

Here are four lighthouses in Virginia, sent to me
by Jessi, who is majoring in Spanish and German.
She said that, when she received my address for
sending a card, she had just bought this card.
Isn't that perfect for me???
Sam and I have visited all four of these lighthouses.
From left to right, they are Assiteague Island,
New Point Comfort, Old Cape Henry, and New
Cape Henry. So this card brings back memories.
Thank you, Jessi, for a wonderful card!

A Greeting from Lithuania

This very unusual card comes to me from
Siauliu in Lithuania. The legend says it is
the Hill of Crosses near Siauliu, but I have
no further information on it at this time.
I am supposing that people come here to ask
for favors from God and they leave crosses on
the hill. Maybe I can find more information later.
The card was not signed, but I wish to thank
the sender. I am intrigued by the card!

The snows of Finland

Katri, a 16 year old school girl from Jyvaskyla,
Finland sends greetings. She apologized for sending
pictures of snow in May. However, I think no
apologizes are necessary--it looks good when
the temperature here is in the 90's!
Katri says that now the sun is shining and
it is warm, and that she loves summer. She was
also excited because she had only two weeks of
school left.
Best wishes to you, Katri. Thank you for your card
and I hope you enjoy your summer holidays!

Kopu Lighthouse, Finland

Just look at THIS lighthouse! It was sent
to me by Pirjo, who lives in Finland. She says that
she was here at Kopu lighthouse in 2007.
According to the legend on the card, there
is a cafe here at the lighthouse. Would that
not be a great place to dine???
Thank you, Pirjo, for your wonderful lighthouse card!

The Four Seasons in Finland

I received this great card from Mia.
She sent greetings from the land of a thousand
lakes. The card shows each of the seasons
in Finland. I am especially drawn to the Fall
scenery in the upper left corner!
Thank you, Mia, for your beautiful card!

Water, Water, Everywhere

Mitchell, from Holland, sent me this water-y postcard.
He says that app. 40% of the land in Holland,
including the densely popul;ated parts, would
be sea if it weren't for the dikes.
Thank you, Mitchell, for the great card.