Thursday, July 31, 2008

Liege, Belgium

If you look closely at this card from Belgium,
you will see that there are Belgian flags flying from
some of the balconies.
The card came to me from Catherine, who is a musician.
She plays guitar and sings beautifully.
I have listened to her performance on her MySpace site.
She is called 'belleclose', which is always spelled with all lower case letters.
We have also e-mailed each other a few times.
Thank you, Catherine, and I can hardly wait to hear more of your music!

Patrizanske, Slovakia

This beautiful card came from Patrizanske in Slovakia.
Postcrossing is teaching me about many
places in our world.
Thank you, Mirka!

Tareko National Park, Taiwan

Leanne sent this postcard to me from Taiwan.
She bought it in Tareko National Park there.
She said many people 'see' a human face in the scenery,
but I haven't found it yet!
Thanks again, Leanne!

San Joaquin Valley, CA

This postcard from the beautiful San Joaquin valley in California
was sent to me by Eleanor from Fresno, CA.
I had sent her a card through Postcrossing
and she sent this one to me in return.
It was actually the first postcard I received after joining Postcrossing.
I appreciate your thoughtfulness, Eleanor!

Portage Canal Bridge, Houghton, MI

This picture was taken about two weeks ago while Sam and I were vacationing in Michigan's
Upper Peninsula. The bridge behind us is a beautiful Vertical Lift Bridge. It spans the Portage
Canal between the twin cities of Houghton and Hancock.


Welcome to my new blog, At The Beach. I am beginning this blog so that I can display
the postcards I receive from my Postcrossing friends. If you are unfamiliar with Postcrossing,
you can learn more about it by visiting
Basically, it is a postcard exchange with people from around the world. I have been
a member for about a month.

Later on, I may post some photos of our vacation travels. However, since I am new
to blogging, I am going to stick to my postcard display for now.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

City Hall in Wroclaw (Warsaw), Poland

This beautiful postcard was received from my Postcrossing friend,
Orange-dreamer. It is one of the first
cards I have received and I appreciate her sending it.
Thank you, Ksenia!