Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stamps, Stamps, Stamps!

This is an extraordinary card sent to me by Darren.
He is fifteen years old and lives in HongKong.
As you can see, he made the card by completely
covering it with canceled stamps from HongKong!
I think that is very clever! Darren said that from this
card, you can see the views and tourist spots of HongKong.
I really love this unique card! Thank you very much,
Darren, for the thoughtfulness you put into the card!
This stamp shows a fan from the HongKong
Heritage Museum. Darren put this stamp
for postage on the card.

'Fishing in Lapland'

The picture (above) was taken from Lake Kalpisjarvi.
The mountain peaks in the background are in
Sweden and Norway. The peak in the center is called
Paras. It is 1419 meters high and it is in Norway.
The banner above is from the website
of Kalpisjarvi, in Northern Finland.
This is the place where the card (below)
comes from.
This is a great card from Lapland! It was sent to me by
Ari. He is from Kilpisjarvi, above the Arctic Circle.
A little poem on back of the card, entitled
'Joyful Fishing In The Wild North', says:
When people in the South at weekends go on lakes for sailing,
The northern folks are ice-fishing for trout and char and grayling.
While bad smell of the factories disturb by southern creeks,
Clean northern rivers have their best wild salmon fishing weeks!
Thank you, Ari, for the great card!

Leuchttuerme von Deutschland

These are the nice stamps that brought
me the lighthouse card from Germany.

Sabine. who lives in a small town in the northern
part of Germany, sent me these beautiful images
of lighthouses in her country. They are so
pretty, and I love all lighthouses! Thank you,
Sabine, for the great card!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Retro Furniture and Appliances

This card comes to me from Kanako, who lives
in Hiroshima, Japan. It shows some old-style
furniture and appliances from Japan, which
very much resembles old-style things from the
U.S.A.! I was especially intrigued with the
picture of the microwave, because I don't usually
think of microwave ovens as being so old! Also,
the rice cooker in the upper right corner looks
very much like the one I still use! It is a great
card, Kanako, and I love it! Thank you so much!

A Room in Lithuania

Now here is a card where you can make up your
own story to go with it. I am thinking it may be
a schoolroom and the students have just picked
up their books and left class. Or, maybe it is
a cafeteria that is not yet open for the day's
business, and they haven't finished straightening
up the chairs from the night before.
Any other ideas?
The great card comes to me from Monika, who lives
in Lithuania.
Thank you, Monika, for the nice card!

A Message From Minsk

The very nice animal and flower stamps (above)
brought me the beautiful card (below) from Igor,
who lives in Minsk, the capital city of Belarus.
Doesn't this look like a wonderful place to take
a stroll and see the beautiful flowers?
It must be summertime in Belarus!
Thank you, Igor, for the lovely card!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Swearing Hedgehog!

Anna sent me this very unique card from her home
in Finland. She said this is a cartoon character
called the Swearing Hedgehog. In this picture,
he is saying, 'Are my spikes well?' Guess he was
having a 'bad hair day'! I LOVE the card!
Thank you so very much, Anna, for tickling my
funny bone with this card!!!

Summer in Merikarvia, Finland

Finland is NOT all ice and snow, as many people
seem to think. This card shows summer in Merikarvia.
It was sent to me by Eeva, whose family has a
summerhouse here. It is on the west coast of Finland,
and Eeva says she has spent her summers here since
she was very small. It looks like a wonderful place
to spend the summer! Thank you, Eeva, for the
very nice card!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another 'Bird' Card from Liz Wang

Liz, who does such good work in photographing
birds, has sent me this beautiful card showing
a bird among the blossoms. She tells me that
she sometimes sits in a tree for a couple of
hours to get a good picture of a bird! I really
love her work. Thank you so much, Liz,
for another of your great cards!

A Pretty Little Foal

This pretty little colt was sent to me by Sarah, who loves horses!
She lives in Germany, but, as of July 18, she will be
living in Henderson, Kentucky, where she will be
an exchange student for 10 months.
I hope you love your stay in the USA, Sarah, and
thank you very much for the pretty card!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Card From a Neighbor

Susanne lives in Austin, Texas, so she is practically
a neighbor of mine! She is the one who sent
me this great shot of the bell tower at the
University of Texas in Austin. I like night-time
pictures like this, and I especially like the
bell tower. Thank you, Susanne, for the
beautiful card!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Municipal Theater, Sao Paulo

Regiane, who lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil, sent me
this picture of their municipal theater building.
I think it is beautiful. It reminds me of old
world architecture. Regiane says she will be
moving soon because she will begin attending
the university in Vigosa. Thank you, Regiane,
for the very nice card!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Unique Card From Brazil

Is this card out-of-the-ordinary, or what???
It was sent to me by Cristiano, a journalist
and writer from Brazil. He said the inscription
in the center of the eye translates: "When you look
at me, I look better." Isn't that great?
Thank you so very much for the card, Cristiano!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Nice Surprise From Liz

I received a nice surprise in the mail this morning.
It was this beautiful card sent to me by Liz Wang.
She had sent me an 'official' Postcrossing card in
April, and now she has been so nice as to send me
another beautiful card. She says this card is
her work when she goes to the mountain for
birdwatching. I really love the bird card.
Thank you very much, Liz!
The great bird stamps above were on Liz's
card too!

This little rosy-cheeked bunny
with a flower was drawn on
the card by Liz. She put the same
bunny on the first card I received
from her. I think it is so cute!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

An Art Card From the Czech Republic

Zdenek, who is from the Czech Republic, sent
me this great art card. He says he loves art of
all kinds. He also put a message on his card
about an art project in the Czech Republic.
It is called 'Breakthrough' and they are asking
for 2-dimensional postcard-size artwork
to be entered. I don't have any art work of that
size right now. If I did, I think I would send it!
Thank you, Zdenek, for the very nice art card!

Still waters and Clouds

Lore, who lives near the seaside in a small village
in northern Germany, sent me this nice card.
The sea looks so calm, and the clouds make
it look like late evening or early morning.
Thank you, Lore, for the great card.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A View From 1945

This great photocard comes to me from Lynn,
who lives in the Netherlands. She is a student of
Management Tourism at the International
University. She said all of the classes there
are in English.
The legend on the card says that it is a photo
of 'Parijs' (Paris?) ca. 1945. I love seeing the people
bundled up, the little girl with the striped socks and
her hair in 'pigtails'. The lady to the right is pushing
a baby carriage, but I do not know what the wheel in
front of the middle lady is. In the background, it looks
like there is a carrousel or, maybe, a kiosk.
I really like this card, Lynn! Thank you very much!

The name is Bydgoszcz (I can't pronounce it!)

This beautiful viewcard shows several views
of the city of Bydgoszcz, Poland. I am especially intrigued
by the view at the bottom of the card, which shows
the Bydgoszcz Canal, which connects the Brda
and the Notec rivers. If you look in the center of
the photo, you can see a statue over the canal.
A closer view is below this text.
The card was sent to me as a 'thank you' from
Krystian, who lives in this beautiful city.
Thank you so much for the great card, Krystian!
As you can see, the figure is of a man crossing
the canal on a tightwire! Isn't it amazing???

Map of New Zealand, a Private Swap

This beautiful postcard shows some of New Zealand's
beautiful scenery, as well as the map of the country.
I love the sunset (sunrise?0 over the peak, and I
adore the water flowing over moss-covered rocks!
The card was sent to me by Kay (KayRox), who
lives on the northern island. She is a young lady
who loves animals and she is a Postcrossing
newcomer. Thank you for the beautiful card, Kay!