Saturday, November 7, 2009

Liberty Bell in Allentown, PA (?)

This great card comes to me from Cathy, who lives
in Allentown, Pennsylvania. It is a picture of a
replica of the Lierty Bell which is in the Zion United
Church of Christ in Allentown. The original Liberty
Bell was protected in this church from 1777 - 1778.
Thank you, Cathy, for a very interesting card!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kari's Card From Norway

This is a beautiful card that I received from Kari,
a brand new Postcrosser from Norway. In the
sixteen months that I have been a Postcrosser,
this is only the third card I have received from
Norway. Kari says she loves to travel like I do!
Thank you, Kari, for the great card!

A Card With a Wonderful Message

Mary, from Stuttgart, Germany, sent me this
beautiful card with orchids. The message on the
front is from the Bible, and it translates:
'Cast all your anxiety on Him, for He cares for you.'
--1 Peter 5:7
Mary sends greetings from "Stutgart, a lovely city
in the Swabian part of Germany."
When we lived in Neu Ulm, Germany, we used to go
to Stuttgart. It was always a nice trip.
Thank you, Mary, for the beautiful card.

A Notecard From France

This beautiful blue card, with a white feather
floating near an edy of water, was sent to me by
Christel, lwho lives near Orleans, France.
The smal square in the lower right corner is a cutout.
When the card is opened, the feather shows on
the inside of the card. Christel is a newcomer to
Postcrosing. She says that she likes animals
and defends them ardently! She is also a
cros-stitch addict, embroidering some every day.
I love the card, Christel! Thank you very much.

From Canada

Billie Jean sent me this picture of the Fortress
of Louisbourg in Nova Scotia. I understand that
they have re-enactments of life in the early
days of the Fortress, when France was trying
to make its place in the New World.
Billie Jean says that, when she was younger,
her schol always went on field trips to visit
this Fortress. It was one of her favorite places
for a field trip.
Thank you, Billie Jean, for the nice card!

Monday, October 26, 2009

One from Brazil and One from the Netherlands

Daniela, who lives in Brazil, sent me this picture
of some bottles of oil, extracted from different trees. She
said they are supposed to cure wounds and even some
diseases--or so people believe. They are Indian
traditions that are still with us! She said the one
in the center, Oleo de Copaiba, is for everything from
bad colds to small cuts on the skin!
I think I'll not try them!
Thank you, Daniela, for the very interesting card!
Merel, sent me this beautiful multiview card
from Goes, in the Netherlands. Merel is
studying photography at the Royal Art Academy.
She says it is hard, but she loves doing it. She
wants to make a career of this hobby.
Thank you, Merel, for the beautiful card! I love
the windmills and the fountain by the water's edge!

Two Cards From Penpals in Finland

This card comes to me from Ulla, who lives in
Harjavalta, Finland. She Makes these wonderful
Art Trading Cards, and they are so beautiful!
This is an Autumn card that Ulla sent, wishing
me a beautiful Autumn!
Thank you so very much, Ulla! I love it!
I also love the letter you included with the card!
This beautiful card was sent to me by Sinikka, who
lives in Vaasa, Finland. I love the long causeway
crossing the water from the park to the city on
the other side. It reminds me of the long curving
causeway linking South Padre Island to the
Texas coast. It was built with a curve so it could resist
hurricanes blowing in from the Gulf of Mexico.
I wonder if this one was built to resist storms too.
Thank you, Sinikka, for the lovely card and
your note on the back!