Friday, February 27, 2009

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

This is a picture of the Unesco World Heritage Site
in Yorkshire, England. It is the ruins of
a monastic abbey called Fountains Abbey,
and it is situated in the valley of the River Skell.
Rachel sent me this very nice card and she said
the abbey is near her home.
Thank you, Rachel, for your beautiful card
and for letting me get to know a little about
Fountains Abbey.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Birthday Card for Me!

Just look at the beautiful birthday card
that came in the mail!
This beauty was made by my penpal, Sinikka,
who lives in Vaasa, Finland. She is so clever
with her hands! She stitched the violets and
than made the card.
And it's my favorite color--PURPLE!
Thank you, Sinikka, for such a nice card!

Second Card from Portugal

Jose sent me my second card from Portugal.
It is from Romantic Lisbon, and Jose
says it shows the old part of the town.
It is a really nice card and I like it very much!
Thank you, Jose!

The stamp on Jose's card
also shows a trolley on it.
I like the stamp too!

A wintry Road in Finland

Although I have driven down some
snowy country roads before, I don't think
I have ever driven down one like this!
It's beautiful!
The card came to me from Inka, who lives in Oulainen.
She says that it has been very cold there. The morning
that she mailed the card, it was -25 C!
Thank you, Inka, for sharing your beautiful winter
with me.
The stamp that brought Inka's card
also had a beautiful winter scene
on it.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Pietarsaari Jakobstad, Finland

This pretty city view of Pietarsaari Jakobstad
was sent to me by Carina, who has lived
here for only a week! She says it is a beautiful
part of Finland. I think so too, Carina,
and thank you very much for the card!

This is the stamp that
brought Carina's card to me.
It shows General G. M. Armfelt
who was a Swedish general.
He later became governor-general
of Finland.

Late Afternoon in Seattle

Isn't this a beautiful picture of Seattle with its
Space Needle and the snow on the mountain
in the distance? This card was sent to me by my
penpal, Deanna DeBruyne, who lives in
Maple Valley, Washington. She also sent me
a nice long letter with the card. Thank you,
Deanna, for the card and letter, and I will
answer soon.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An English Beach from Der Schweiz

Although this card shows a beach in
Dorset, England, it comes to me from
Jacqueline in Switzerland.
She also chose a card that shows the water
because I love it.
Thank you, Jacqueline, for the
lovely beach card. I would really like
to go beachcombing here!

These two stamps, showing Amax Imperator
(dragonfly), and Rosalia Alpina (beetle)
were on my card from Jacqueline. There
were three of each of the above stamps.
They are really beautiful!

First Card from Russia

I received my first card from Russia today.
This card comes from Libelo, who says
she chose it because I like the water.
She also said that she visited Alaska this
summer and is in love with that place!
She said that Denali was awesome.
Thank you, Libelo, for the nice card and I
agree that Alaska is a wonderful place.
I lived there three years.

This little pink deer was on Libelo's

These are the stamps that brought
Libelo's card. The two at left show the
Russian bear. The one below shows
some city buildings.

First Card from Portugal

I received this card t0day from Carlos
who lives in Portugal. He said he thought
it would make me laugh! And it did!!!
I think Senor Burro should remember that
smoking is not good for you.
I won't comment on his 'dream'!
I like the stamps on Carlos card too. The first
one has a horsedrawn trolley that says
something about 'American' but the postmark
covered the rest. The second is a Portuguese
Olympic stamp.
Thank you, Carlos, for the card, and the laugh,
and the stamps!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Heart in Estonia

This beautiful blue heart-shaped lake is in the
birthplace of sender Marion--Viljandi, Estonia.
She said the city is smaller than the city of Tallinn,
but it is still one of the biggest in Estonia!
I think this is very neat--I have never seen
a heart-shaped lake!
Thank you so much, Marion, for introducing
me to Viljandi and its beautiful lake!
These are the two Estonian stamps that brought
Marion's card to me. The first looks like
some kind of raptor, possibly a falcon, and
the second is a dove of peace.

In the Adirondacks

How is this for water in its 'natural habitat'?
This pretty card came from Vernsey, who said
that he went camping in the Adirondacks last
fall and they visited this gorge. He said it
was awesome--and I believe it! I would love
to see this gorge and waterfall!
Thank you, Vernsey, for the beautiful card!

A Gift from Sisko

What a nice surprise I received in the mail
from Sisko, who lives in Ypaja, Finland.
She sent me the metal plaque show above.
The peony is beautiful! I hung it on the wall
by my computer!
Sisko also sent a letter and some pictures of
herself and her family and the family dogs.
I really enjoyed them, Sisko! Dogs Rule!
Thank you so very much!

From the Philippines

This is a really beautiful mapcard of the
Philippines. It was sent to me by Arlene,
who lives in Cavite City, which is on Manila Bay.
It lies to the southwest of Manila. I like all
the views around the map of the Philippines.
Now I know where my penpal lives!
Thank you, Arlene, for the nice card!

Stamps, Stamps, Wonderful Stamps

I have received several envelopes
recently with some very nice stamps.
I decided to put them all in one post.
Danielle, an American lady who teaches in Japan,
sent me a note and some 'squished pennies'
in an envelope with thes awesome stamps.
One of the squished pennies had an image
of 'Hello Kitty' on it and one of the stamps
does too! Really neat!
These bird stamps came from my
newest penpal, Arlene, from the Philippines.
The top two stamps show a white-collared
kingfisher and a white-throated kingfisher.
The two at the bottom show the
short-eared owl. Nice stamps!
These stamps were on a package I received
from Sisko in Finland. I think Finland has
some of the most beautiful and unusual
stamps I've seen. I was really intrigued by
the two on the upper right, because they
are 'shaped' stamps rather than rectangular.
One of them shows a castle and the other
looks like dancers. Of course, there were also
the beautiful flower stamps.
And these stamps? Why, they are from the
U.S.A. The 5-cent stamp shows American
toleware. The other celebrates the
lunar (Chinese) new year. However, it is not
this year's 'Year of the Ox'. It is for the
'Year of the Ram'.
Since I joined Postcrossing, I have been amazed
at all the beautiful stamps that have
brought my postcards from the four corners
of the earth! I love them all!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Kaj Stenvall Card

When I first looked at this card, I did not
see it as a Kaj Stenvall card. I only saw a lavatory
with a water tap. On my second look, I recognized
the Stenvall duck!
This great card comes to me from Heli in Finland.
Thank you, Heli, for such an intriguing card.
I love it!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Chicago and Costa Rica

This card came to me from Jane, who lives
just outside of Chicago. Do you think it is an aerial
view of Chicago? Guess again! It is a model train
replica of downtown Chicago in the Museum of
Science and Industry. This museum was part of
the 1893 Columbian Exposition, according to Jane.
Thank you, Jane, for such an interesting card!
And this card comes from Kat, who lives in Florida.
She says, 'Here is some water in its "natural habitat"
from my recent trip to Costa Rica. I'm also a big
fan of waterfalls.'
(I had written in my profile that I liked water
in its 'natural habitat'!)
I really like this card with its waterfalls.
Thank you, Kat, for the beautiful
Costa Rican card!

From Christchurch, New Zealand

This is the first card I have received
from New Zealand!
It came from Amanda, who lives in Christchurch.
She says they have mountains on one side
of their region and the sea on the other.
She also says the summer is great, the winter
not so great!
It is a beautiful card! I like the two scenes
showing Christchurch both at night and in
the daytime.
Thank you, Amanda, for the nice card from
New Zealand!
This is the New Zealand stamp that brought
Amanda's card. It shows the Cape Brett
lighthouse in the northern part
of the country.

Handmade Card from Lena

I received this beautiful handmade card
from Lena, who lives in Haarlem, Holland.
It is a birthday congratulations card and
she made it with a 'beach' theme, although
she says that it is not 'beach weather' in
Holland right now!
That's alright, Lena--I love the card, no matter
what the weather! Thank you very much. The card
is lovely and I appreciate the fact that you
took the time to make it for me!
All these pretty Holland stamps were
on the envelope to Lena's card.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Halle an der Saale

This card comes to me from Steffi in Germany.
Halle an der Saale is in the eastern part
of Deutschland. It is the birthplace of
Georg Freidrich Handel. The city has a great
musical heritage, as well as other historic
interests. I love the half-timbered house
in the lower left corner!
Thank you, Steffi, for sending me such
a wonderful card. I love Germany!!!

This pretty flower stamp came
with Steffi's card attached!
The flower is Traenendes Herz,
or 'bleeding heart'.

The Dunes from Isle Foehr

I received another card from Silke in Germany.
This is a picture of the dunes on Foehr Island
in the Northern Sea. Silke says it is a 4 - 5 hour
drive from her home, but she tries to go there once
a year. She takes her little beagle, Ronja, and she
likes to run on the beach like a little puppy--but she
is nine years old!
Thank you, Silke, for such a nice card. I would
like to run on the beach like a puppy too!

These two nice
stamps were
on Silke's card.
The first is
World Heritage site.
The second is the Brandenburg gate.

Washington in Winter--How Beautiful!

Elaine, who lives in Bremerton, Washington,
said 'thank you' with this beautiful card
of her home state. I love the snow scene--we
do not get snow in San Antonio!
Thank you, Elaine, for sharing your beautiful
state with me!

Another Nice Lighthouse Card!

Maarit, who lives in Finland, sent me
this beautiful lighthouse painting.
She said she found this card in her collection
and hoped I would like it.
I really do like the card, Maarit!
Thank you very much!

This pretty rose stamp
brought Maarit's card
to San Antonio.

Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse

I received this card from Shannon. It is the Old
Mackinac Point lighthouse in Mackinaw City,
Michigan, where Lake Michigan meets Lake
Huron. I have visited this lighthouse and
it is a great lighthouse!
Thank you, Shannon, for the nice card!
(Many people are confused about the pronunciation
of this lighthouse and the city, because one is
spelled with a 'c' and the other with a 'w'. The
fact is, they are both pronounced exactly the same!
In English, it is pronounced with the 'w' sound.)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday!

I had a great birthday this year, with
many wishes from family and friends.
Below are some of the cards I received.
I also had a 'FaceBook' birthday greeting
from my Postcrossing friend, Nopi, who
lives in Greece. There is another greeting
card (further down the blog) from
Postcrossing friend, Ulla.
Since my birthday and Brenda's birthday
are only two weeks apart, we
celebrated together this year:
all the family that is in San Antonio came
over and we had a pizza party. Granddaughter
Becky made an Italian cream cake that
was 'out-of-this-world' delicious!
It was a wonderful birthday!
John & Laurie's card.
Inside message.

This one is from Brennie & Charlie.
(The picture is a hologram, and the little
dog dances!)
Inside message.

From Becky, Caleb, & Jaycee
Inside message

Jaycee's 'signature!