Monday, March 30, 2009

A Unique Card from Finland

This pretty card from Findland was handmade
and sent to me by Talvikki. She says it is a
tiny etching colored with water colors.
I really like the tiny card!
Thank you, Talvikki, for your handiwork!

All these pretty Finnish stamps
were on the back of Talvikki's
little postcard!

A Canadian card with American Falls

This Niagara Falls postcard, which was sent to me
by Debra, shows the American Falls, with the Maid of the Mist
and the Horseshoe Falls in the background. Last week, I
received a postcard of the Horseshoe Falls. Every time
I see a picture of these beautiful falls, I am amazed
at the power of all that water.
Niagara Falls is so beautiful, and it is another example
of 'water in its natural habitat'!
Thank you, Debra, for another view of these Falls!

Debra put a Canadian Olympics
stamp on her card. It shows
a little guy flipping on his skis!

To London to Visit the Queen

Don't you love this picture of London? I certainly do!
It reminds me of our visit to London many years ago.
We kept commenting on all the taxis! Now, here
they are on a postcard! I received this card from
Louise, who lives in South London and is a primary
school teacher. She says this card shows taxis
and Buckingham Palace, which are quintescentially
English. Thank you so very much, Louise, for
the great card!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bastian's Card from the Jewish Museum, Frankfurt

The following card was sent to me by Bastian,
who lives in Frankfurt, Germany ('Manhattan
on the Mainz'). It is from an exhibit called
'Superman und Golem' at the Jewish Museum
in Frankfurt. I really like this card! Thank you
very much for sending it to me, Bastian!
I visited the internet and looked up this
exhibit. I copied the above excerpt
from the internet.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The Amazing Hotel Jested.
These are some of the views I got from
the internet of this beautiful hotel.

It has been nominated to become a
UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010.

Of course, the hotel is a year-round hotel, but
I think it must be really grand in the winter. There
are ski slopes and really high ski jumps here, for
those who like to 'fly' down the jumps.

I like these winter views!
I have no idea what this cartoon says,
but I can imagine it is hilarious!

Czech Republic - Liberec - Jested

I received this very nice postcard from Jiri, who lives
in the Jested area of the Czech Republic. H said he chose
this card to show the amazing archictural viewpoint
in his area. It is a great postcard, and I am
especially amazed at the Liberec Horsky Hotel Jested
in the lower left hand corner. I looked it up on the
internet and found out quite a lot about it. You can
read more a little further down my blog.
Thank you, Jiri, for sharing a wonderful part
of your world with me!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another card by Me

One of my addressee's from Lithuania requested
a handmade card, so I made this one to send
to him. The photo was taken by John at this
year's San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo.
The logo under it is the logo for the SASSR.
And, of course, I had to put a Texas flag and
a 'Don't Mess With Texas' slogan!

Saint Petersburg Villa in the Snow

This beautiful snowy scene comes to me from Olga,
who says she lives in the most beautiful city
in the world--Saint Petersburg! I think it is
a most beautiful card, especially since we
do not see snow like this where I live! The little Santa
Claus (or Saint Nicholas) on the right was on her card.
Thank you, Olga, for sharing this wonderful scene
from your beautiful city!

These two stamps brought
Olga's card to me.

Chowtika's Card from Thailand

I received this lovely card from Chowtika, who
lives in Bangkok, Thailand. She tells me that
it is a picture of Ka eng Krachan Naional Park in
Petchaburi Province. Activities there include
camping, trekking, bird and butterfly watching, and
viewing the flowers.
Thank you, Chowtika, for the great card!

card had two stamps
on it. I am guessing
this one is of a
royal family member.

This stamp says that
it is a beetle's wing
Very interesting!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Card from Croatia

Although this beautiful card comes from Starigrad
in Croatia, it came to me from Epidijius who
lives in Vilnius, Lithuania.
I love the card--it is so colorful with
nice views from Zadar, and it has be pretty
fish as the background.
Thank you, Epidijius, for the great card!
The nice Croatian stamp shows the city
of Rijeka, Croatia (Hrvatska).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Card from the Ukraine

Liza, a 22-year-old student from Odessa, sent
me my first card from the Ukraine. She chose
this card because she knew I like lighthouses.
This one was built in 1954 and Liza says it is
still standing in their port.
Isn't it a beautiful lighthouse? I love it!
Thank you so very much, Liza!
I also like this stamp that was on Liza's card.
It shows an inkpot with a plume--how
appropriate for a postal card!

A 'Thank You' from 'The Boyz'

I didn't know anyone was ever brave enough
to swim with polar bears! However, The Boyz, from
sent me this picture of a little girl and a polar
bear seeing 'eye-to-eye'! I really think there
must be a glass barrier between them. You think?
Anyway, I love the picture! Thank you very much, Boyz!
And who are The Boyz? Well, here they are!
Their human MOM had their pictures
put on postage stamps!
The one on the left is Gus and the one on the
right is Jimbo.
Aren't they adoreable?

Pernio, in Southwestern Finland

I received this nice view of Pernio, in the
southwestern part of Finland, from Anu.
She says it is only a few kilometers from
home, a little farm where they grow hens
and oats. She also says she has three
little sons.
Thank you, Anu, for the beautiful view of
rushing waters!

Jarvenpaa, Finland

This card shows the bell tower of the Lutheran church
in Jarvenpaa. It came to me from Minna who is
a member there. She says her town is where the
famous Finnish composer, Jean Sibelius, lived.
She also tells me that this winter has been great
because they have had a lot of snow!
I wish I could have seen some of it, Minna!
Thank you for a great card!
This heart sticker and a stamp showing
Pallas, Finland, brought Minna's card!

A Card from the Portuguese

This card shows a wonderful view of lights
shining across the water in the city of Porto,
Portugal. It comes to me from Carla, who lives
in Aveiro, Portugal. She says her own city
is beautiful too, and is known as 'the Venice
of Portugal'.
Thank you, Carla, for a lovely view of Portugal!

A Handmade Card from Yolanda

Yolanda, from the Haarlem, the Netherlands,
made this beautiful card for me. When I
received her address to send a card, she had
written in her profile that she liked handmade
Therefore, I made her one called 'The Eyes of Texas'.
She made this one for me as a 'thank you'. It is
really an exquisite card. The picture in the center
is 3-D, and all the little butterflies and wingdings
around the edge are stitched.
I love the card! Thank you so much, Yolanda!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Concordia, Brasil

These are three lovely views of the city
of Concordia in Brazil. Don't you love all
the little pansies? I also like the beautiful
lighted fountain.
Gabriela, who lives in this lovely city,
sent me the card. Thank you, Gabi! I like
your card very much!

This little carpenter stamp brought the card.

Anna-Liisa's Card, Estonia

This is the wonderful card I received from
Anna-Liisa, who lives in Keila, Estonia.
She is 14 years old and lives with her
family and thee guinea pigs.
I love the card, Anna-Liisa! Thank yo
so very much!

These are the nice stamps that brought
the card to me!

Niagara Falls--Canadian Side

These are very nice Canadian stamps
that brought this card to me.

This is a beautiful view of the Horseshoe Falls on
the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. It was sent
to me by Maria. She is a fellow 'water-lover', and
also loves the mountains. She said she fell in love
with them when they lived in British Columbia. She
now lives about 130 kilometers from the Falls.
Thank you, Maria, for the great card!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Card from Istanbul, Turkey

I received this great card from Sadi, who
lives in Istanbul. He says that he lives on
the Asian side of Istanbul, but he works on
the European side. He is planning to move
to the European side because it is tiring to
switch continents every day when he goes
to work! I would think so! Thank you, Sadi,
for this wonderful view card. I love it!

1. Troy
2. Ephesus
3. Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Istanbul
4. Dueden Waterfall
5. Pamukkale
6. Nemrut
7. Cappadocia

Thursday, March 12, 2009

An Unusual Card from the Czech Republic

This handmade card is from Petra, who
lives in the Czech Republic. She says she
used to entertain herself with this kind of
drawing in boring lectures and classes at school!
I have seen lots of 'doodling', but I had not
seen this!
Can you read my name on the card?
I like it, Petra! It must have taken a long
time to make it!
Thank you very much!
This is the Czech stamp that brought
Petra's card. When I first looked at it,
I thought it was a lighthouse, but it is not.
It says, 'Vodarenska vez, Plzen', which means
'Water Tower, Pilsen'. It is a part of the
old Prague Gate in Pilsen.

The Smoky Mountains

A very nice card from the Smoky Mountains
came to me today from Kim, who lives
in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Kim says this picture shows one of
her favorite hiking spots.
I can understand why, Kim! It's beautiful!
Thank you so much for the card!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Wonderful 'Thank You' from Alsie

This beautiful card came to me from Alsie,
who lives in the Republic of China.
He sent it as a 'thank you' for a card I had
sent to him. He said he has a birthday
coming up this month and he was sending
'thank yous' to the people who had sent
nice cards to him.
I love the card, Alsie. Thank you very much!

These very nice stamps brought this card to me.
The red stamp was printed on the card, but
the other two were pasted on.

Alsie also drew this little
panda on his card, and he
wrote a lot of words (with
translations) in Chinese