Monday, August 31, 2009

Nana's Card From Brazil

This looks like a beautiful Spring day in
the park. This is Redencao Park, and the card
comes to me from Nana in Brazil. It seems
to be a good day for a stroll and it would be
nice to walk along among the flower petals
that have fallen from the trees!
Thank you, Nana, for the beautiful card.

An O-L-D Card of Port Isabel, Texas

Renee, who lives in Iowa, sent me this very old card
which she has had since she was a teenager.
The card originally came from Port Isabel, Texas, so
Renee says it is now making its way back to Texas! It shows
some of the many shells found on the Texas Gulf Coast.
Thank you, Renee, for the great card!

A Card From Greenland!!!!!!!!

The flag of Greenland.

Stamps from Greenland.
Last week, I was very fortunate to receive a card
from Lesotho because there are so few Postcrossers
in that country. And now, I am very fortunate again,
for the same reason, to receive a card from Greenland!
David, who lives in Greenland, sent me this great
picture of an Inuit hunter paddling his kayak at
minus 32 degrees Celsius (which, David says, is
minut 25 degrees Fahrenheit!) He also tells me that
'kayak' is derived from a Greenlandic word,
'qujaq'. He also said that, at the moment, it is not
minus 32 degrees C! It is summer and quite
warm--50 degrees F--and the sun is shining.
He says he has a most beautiful view of the fiord
from where he sits.
Thank you, David, for this great card, which is now
one of my favorites!

China, Slovakia, and Germany

This card comes from Shun, who lives in Shanghai,
China. She says they are having a terrible summer
in China--hot days and heavy rains. She says she
just stayed at home for this summer vacation
because of the terrible weather and the H1N1 virus
(swine flu). I can relate to that, Shun, because we
have had a record-breaking heat wave in South Texas
this summer too. However, we would welcome some
of the rain, because we have had precious little!
I hope the Autumn brings you some pleasant weather!
Thank you, Shun, for the nice card.
Now this is a place I would love to visit--Cafe Balzer and
Kurcafe Balzer! It was sent to me by Bjorn, a 24-year-old
man who lives in Germany. I remember visiting places
such as these when I lived in Germany. I loved the
cafes, the conditerei, and the gasthauses.
Thank you, Bjorn, for the very nice card! I love it!
Miroslava, who lives in Slovakia, sent her
greetings with this postcard. I am not sure
what the card says, but the views of the park,
the statue, and a building are all very nice.
Thank you, Miroslava, for the pretty card!

So Many Ccards, So Little Time!

I have received a ton of cards the past 3 or 4 days,
and they are all so beautiful. It is taking me a while
to get them all on my blog!
But, never fear; I'll get them there!
Jamie sent me this great card from Alaska. It shows
a sunset over Turnagain Arm, with the beautiful
Alaskan lupine blooming in the foreground. Jamie
put a beautiful quote on her card too. It says:
'For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for
beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for
poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.'
I love it! Thank you very much, Jamie!
This great beach card comes to me from Thea, who lives
in the Netherlands. She says she saw the card in a flea market
in Zaandam and it looked like a perfect stretch of
beach for me to comb. Only, later, she held it to a lamp
and found it was once a calendar from South Africa!
Now, that is an interesting story and card! I like it!
Thank you, Thea!
And this card is from Birute, who lives in
Pasvalys, Lithuania. She said the card was made
by students of their local gymnasium.
Thank you, Birute, for the pretty card!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sao Paulo's Beautiful Municipal Theater

This is beautiful downtown Sao Paulo, Brazil,
featuring its Municipal Theater. It was sent to me
by Nathalia, who lives in this city. She tells me
that concerts and operas are performed here and
it is a place that she really loves.
Thank you, Nathalie, for the beautiful card!

Two More From Sherry

The two cards below were also sent to me by
Sherry, who lives in Mississauga, Ontario.
They were sent through Hippopost, a new part
of Facebook that allows you to send postcards
for free. After getting Sherry's first card, I visited
the Hippopost site and have sent several of
my photographs as postcards to some friends.
It is a neat site.
If you want to visit it, go to
Of course, you have to be a member of Facebook
and you can only send pictures that are not
copyrighted by anyone else. I mainly send just
photos that I have taken.
Thank you, Sherry, for the two new cards!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Queen of Peace Croatian Church

This is a beautiful picture that was taken by
Sherry, from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
She took the picture and then had it made into
a postcard. I think that is so cool!
Thank you, Sherry, for sharing your beautiful
work with me!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two Cards From Japan

Although I have received several cards from Japan,
these stamps are new to me. They
are lovely stamps!
Takako, a junior high teacher of English in
Shibata, Niigata, Japan, sent me both the
card above and the card below as 'thank you' cards.
Takako says that, when she was a university student,
she made her first trip abroad and visited the
United States--Washing D.C., Virginia, etc.
She said she had a wonderful time. She has a
family now, but says that when her daughters
grow up, she would love to travel all over the USA.
I hope you do, Takako. You will be very welcome!
Thank you for the lovely cards!

Lithuanian Greeting

This beautiful building is the Palace of Art Workers
in Vilnius, Lithuania. It was sent to me by
16-year-old Lueta, who lives in Alytus, Lithuania.
I would love to walk through this building and see
the art works displayed. I would imagine it would
take days to see everything, because the building is
so large! Lueta hopes to become a journalist
one day. She writes articles and talks on the
radio--both of which she enjoys.
Thank you, Lueta, for the nice card!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Great Card, Great Story!

This is another wonderful card from Germany.
The writing on the card translates:
"It's normal to be different"!
Nina, who lives in Bielefeld, a city in the western
part of Germany, send me the card and also
tells a little story about her home town.
She says there are a lot of rumors that Bielefeld is\a town
that doesn't even exist! Therefore, she says that
this card is my own evidence that these
rumors are not true! :-)
Thank you, Nina, for the very unusual card
and the story about Bielefeld!

Space Kitty!

The two stamps above, a crane with a weaving loom,
and a Hello Kitty stamp, brought me this
Kitty card from Nahoko.
Nahoko tells me that Mount Fuji, Japan,
is very clean, and that, if I come to Japan,
I should go to see it.
Nahoko, I would dearly love to go see
Mount Fuji!
Thank you very much for the nice card and the

Two Cards From China!

This little guy is one of the mascots for the 2008
Olympics held in China. It is the first Olympic
card I have received and it comes to me from
Sun Lee. I really love the card, Sun Lee, and
also the beautiful stamps (below) that were
on the card--one of them an Olympic stamp!
Thank you very much!

This is a snowy scene at Lushan Mountain
in the People's Republic of China.
It comes to me from Chaste. The card brings
some coolness to a hot San Antonio!
Thank you, Chaste, for the beautiful card!

My First Camel Card!

This is really a great card! I love the camel with his
'finery' on, and also the people in their
traditional costume. The card was sent to me
by Lili, who lives in Shahsevan, Iran. Savalan
Mountain, in the background, is 4811 meters in height.
Thank you, Lili, for the wonderful card. It is one
of my new favorites!

Sweet and Cuddly Teddy From Norway

This little Teddy Bear was sent to me by
Solveig, in Norway. She is the mother of a new
baby boy who was born in February. He must
be as sweet and cuddly as this little bear, Solveig!
Thank you very much for the sweet card!

Unusual Rock Formation from Taiwan

This unusual rock formation is called Siaoliouciou
Vase Rock and it is in Taiwan. The picture
was sent to me by Enfey, who is a high school
student in Kaohsiung City.
Thank you, Enfey, for such a unique card.
I really like it!

Another Finnish Summer

I received this beautiful card from Susanna in
Vaajakoski, Finland. She sent it as a 'thank you' card.
Susanna says they are having their last days
of summer now, so she is spending most of her
spare time outdoors with her sons. She loves to
do things in her garden and pick blueberries
in the forest. It sounds great to me!
Thank you, Susanna, for the beautiful card!

A Summer Greeting From Helsinki

This great cloud picture comes to me from Juxu,
who lived in Helsinki, Finland. He tells me he is
a 'summer person'. As summer goes by so fast in
Finland, Juxu says he tries to enjoy every second
of it, so he has been biking and swimming
'like a madman'!
Thank you, Juxu, for the lovely card!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

From My Artistic Friend, Ulla

Ulla, who lives in Harjavalta, Finland,
and who is so clever with her hands, sent me two
doilies which she crocheted. (The smaller one
is shown above, but my scanner is not large
enough to scan the other one!)
She also sent me a pretty little butterfly magnet.
Thank you, dear Ulla, for your kindness.
I love the gifts and you can be sure they will be
used in my home!

'When it's summertime in Heidelberg...'

Although I just recently received this beautiful
picture of Heidelberg, it is one of my favorites.
When we lived in Germany, a young soldier that
went to church with us, painted this very scene
of Schoene Alte Heidelberg. (His name was Avery.)
And Sigmund Romberg's operetta, 'The
Student Prince', has long been one of my favorites.
It's setting is at the university in this beautiful city.
I received the card from Tim, who lives in a small
village near Heidelberg. This view shows the
castle and the old ridge--Heidelberg Schloss und
die Alte Bruecke.
Vielen Dank fur die Karte, Tim!

Lantern-Making in China

Su-King, a 17-year-old girl from Jiaxing in Zhejiang
Province, China, sent me this card. She said it is about
a traditional Chinese art. The legend on the front
of the card tells about the 8 techniques used in
lantern-making--puncture, bending, knotting,
binding, carving, painting, pasting and mounting.
Thank you, Su-King, for the great card.
I love the lanterns shown at the top too!
These pretty little bird and flower
stamps brought Su-King's card to me.

Ancient Japanese Palace Site

Yumiko sent me this card showing the site of the
ancient Fujiwara-no-Miya, a Chinese-style
palace. It was an Imperial palace, although the
Emperor did not reside there.
Fujiwara-kyo, in Yamato Province,
was the capital city of Japan from 694 to 710.
Thank you, Yumiko, for the interesting card!

Barockes (Baroque) Ludwigsburg

This is a very nice multiview card of some of
the castles of Ludwigsburg and it comes to me
from Anja (Nerys). Nerys says that she received
her bachelor's degree in philosophy from Connecticut
college. She also spent one semester at sea,
visiting India, Japan, China, and Venezuela.
Now, THAT is the way to study!!! She tells me, also,
that she once met Mother Theresa in the economy
class on a plane--but says she would have rather
met Princess Diana of Wales.
I love the card, Nerys, as I am a romantic at heart
and castles fire up my imagination.
Thank you for the great card!

Gerald's Card From Hamburg

This is a very nice handmade card that was sent
to me by Gerald. He lives in Hamburg, Germany.
The mountains rising out of the sea look almost
like pyramids. I am not sure what kind of boat
this is, but it is leaving a beautiful wake behind it!
Thank you, Gerald, for the nice card.

A Bit of Chinese Legend

This beautiful card came to me from Weixin.
It shows a UNESCO world heritage site, Huang Mountain
in AnHui province of China. Weixin was kind enough
to translate the Chinese characters above the
picture. They read: "AnHui Landscapes" and
"Huang Mountain".
This mountain was named for the legendary Huang Di,
who is reputed to be the ancestor of the Chinese
people. He was said to make pills for immortality
on this mountain.
Thank you, Weixin, for a very unique card!
These are the pretty stamps that
brought the card to me.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How Unique is This???

Don't these plums look tempting and luscious?
The card comes to me from Dortmund in Germany
and was sent by Janine. She wrote all of the
card in German. I was able to read most of it
and then I went to my trusty German-English
dictionary for the rest. Janine says that she is
32 years old and she chose this card with plums
to send to me. It is plum time and she had been
making plum cake and plum marmalade.
Sounds delicious!
Thank you, Janine, for the great card and for
the opportunity to learn a little more
of your language!

A Unique Lighthouse Card

I received this card, which shows a painting of
a lighthouse, with water and boats and clouds and
rocks, from Thea, from Hoorn in the Netherlands.
She tells me that this picture was painted by
an Alzheimer's patient. It is a great painting and
I appreciate it very much. Thank you, Thea!

A Malaysian Greeting from Fifi

This is a picture of Jonker Street in Melaka, Malaysia.
Fifi sent it to me and she tells me that it has been
recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Melaka was, at one time, the center for spice trading
in Southeast Asia. She said it could be called a
one-stop shopping center where traders and merchants
from the West meet the Eastern merchants. It is one of
the busiest streets in Southeast Asia.
I love your card, Fifi, and I thank you very much!

Cheticamp, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Emily, a 16-year-old Canadian girl from Nova Scotia,
sent me this nice greeting from Cheticamp, an
Acadian village on the Cabot Trail in
Cape Breton, N.S. Canada. It is an aerial view, and
you can see how it hugs the coast. It looks beautiful!
Thank you, Emily, for the great card!

Trying to Catch Up!

I have received quite a few cards, letters, and a
package from Postcrossers and penpals the past
few days. Also, Sam and I took a couple of days to
go down to the coast at Corpus Christi. Therefore,
I have gotten behind on posting cards to my blog.
I going to try to get them all posted before the
mailman comes tomorrow!
The Dutch stamps above brought me this pretty
little note card (below) from Manon. She is a
16-year-old girl who has been Postcrossing for
about six months. Manon, I love the card you sent!
I love the water and the way the artist had painted
'sparkles' on it. I also like the boats and the
buildings in the background.
Thank you so very much!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chuya River, Altai, Siberia (Russia)

Elena, who lives in Barnaul, Russia (Siberia),
sent me this great Autumn picture of the Chuya River
in the Altai region of Siberia. I love the rushing
waters in the picture, and also the
Autumn-colored trees. Elena says this is a
'mountain river'.
I love the picture, Elena. Thank you so very much!

A Postcard from Lesotho

I love this stamp that brought me a card
from Felix, who lives in Lesotho.
The flag shown above is the flag of the Kingdom of Lesotho.
Lesotho is a very small country located in and completely
surrounded by the African state of South Africa.
I am very fortunate to receive a Postcrossing card from
this country, because there are only three Postcrossing
members from Lesotho.
Felix, from the capital city of Maseru in Lesotho
sent me this beautiful card. He says it is a
country of beautiful and gorgeous landscapes.
I can see this is true from seeing the card.
Thank you so very much, Felix, for this great card!It is one of my favorites!