Friday, May 29, 2009

A Card from Gabi

My friend and penpal, Gabi and her husband, Klaus,
took a business/vacation trip to Prague in the Czech
Republic, and she sent me this great card. She said
they saw the castle from this bridge at night, and then
they visited the castle the next day. She also said
it was crowded, as there were masses of people from
all countries and continents! I can see why so many
people would want to go there. I would like to go too!
Thank you, Gabi, for the wonderful postcard!

Gruesse from Bickenbach

The postman brought me this great card
from Ernst who lives in this beautiful town.
He says it is a small town not far from
Darmstadt and Frankfurt.
It looks like a lovely town and I would love
to go strolling down the old streets and see the
pretty half-timbered buildings.
I would also enjoy that beach in the lower
right-hand corner!
Thank you, Ernst, for the wonderful card!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dutch Lighthouses

Ruben, who is a disc jockey, sent me this
picture of sixteen lighthouses in Holland.
I had no idea that this small country had
so many lighthouses!
Thank you, Ruben, for introducing me
to so many great lighthouses.

The Taiwanese Coast

Amy, who lives in Kashsiung, sent me this very
nice picture of the coast of her country. She says
that her city is the second largest city there.
I think the top of the big rock in front looks like
the head of a polar bear! Very interesting!
Thank you, Amy, for the great card!

Amy also put an interesting stamp
of a lighthouse on an island. The lighthouse
was built in 1872.
She drew a cute little charicature
with her signature.

Friday, May 22, 2009

View of La Pedrera (Casa Mila')

The rooftop of Casa Mila', showing its
wavy lines and undulating form.

This nighttime view of Casa Mila' was sent to me by
Jordi, who lives in Barcelona. Casa Mila' is also known
as La Pedrera (The Quarry). Built between 1906 and 1910,
it was originally designed for a married couple,
Rosario Seginon and Pere Mila'. Mila' was the second
husband of the extremely wealthy widow, Rosario. He loved
the lifestyle of the rich and opulent surroundings, so much
so that many felt he married Rosario for her 'guardiola',
or 'piggy bank' instead of for love for the widow. The building
was designed by a famous architect, Gaudi, who built it
with wavy lines and undulating forms rather than
with straight lines. Gaudi also put some unique chimney
stacks atop the building. There was also a sculpture which
he said was 'the Virgin', although his biographer said
it was really the primeval earth goddess, Gaia. Casa Mila'
is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Thank you, Jordi, for the really great postcard!

Jordi also drew some cute little figures on the
back of his card!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Art Nouveau Architecture from Riga, Latvia

This is a beautiful example of Art Nouveau architecture
in Irba's hometown, Riga, Latvia. She says she lives
in the eautiful capital city of Latvia--Riga. It must
be a beautiful city if this is any example!
Thank you, Irba, for the great card!

The Other Card from OHIO

Tracy sent me this great card of Lake Erie lighthouses.
Although the card is from Ohio, Tracy lives in
West Virginia. She says she has been to Lake Erie
many times but has never seen a lighthouse!
Try to see one next time, Tracy. I think you will
fall in love with them!
Thank you for this wonderful card. I love all lighthouses,
but I am especially fond of some on the Great Lakes!

Second Card from Ohio in As Many Days

This card came to me from Bonnie Jeanne. Although
the card comes from Ohio, where she likes to go
biking, she lives in Pennsylvania but is originally
from Boston.
Thank you, Bonnie Jeanne, for a lovely card.

Another of my Handmade Cards

I made this card for Marika, who lives in Finland.
She says she likes donkeys (burros).

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Walk in Winnipeg

Rae, from Winnipeg in Canada, sent me this
picture of Assiniboine Park in her city.
She said that she just moved closer to the Park
in the Fall and she is now excited about
going for walks 'somewhere that is
actually green!'
Thank you, Rae, for the great card. I would
love to accompany you on those walks!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Mother's Day Card from Taiwan

Minnie, from Taiwan, sent me this great Mother's
Day card with a beautiful picture of mother
and child. She said that they celebrated Mother's
Day on May 10th this year, the same day that we
celebrated it in the United States.
Thank you, Minnie, for the nice card.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Alisa's Card from Finland

Alisa, from Finland, sent me this beautiful picture
of a goose in front of the moon. She said the
photo is by a well-know photographer, Hanne Hautala,
in Finland. This picture is from a calendar and is
titled 'Free as a Bird'.
I love the picture, Alisa! Thank you so much for
sending it to me!

A Gift from Brenda

Look! Another Inge Look card!
This time the old ladies are (gasp!)
This one was given to me by Brenda (user Cinnamon1)
because she knows I like them and she had
two like this.
Thank you very much, dear Brenda!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Snow on the Mountain, New Hampshire

Steph, who lives in New Hampshire, sent me this
snowy picture of Mount Washington, which I believe
is the highest mountain on the East Coast. I know
they often have record-setting winds atop this
mountain. Steph apologized for sending a 'snowy'
card, saying that was all she had at the moment.
Hopwever, as I told her, you never have to apologize
for snow when sending a card to South Texas!
Thank you, Steph, for a 'cool' card!

Wing-Sam's First Postcrossing card!

I am the happy recipient of Wing-Sams first official
Postcrossing card. She lives in Haarlem, Holland, and says
that she is very excited because she 'has a
faxcination for America(ns)'. She chose this picture
of one of Amsterdam's canals because she read in my
profile that I like water. You chose exactly the right
card for me, Wing-Sam. It also makes me homesick,
although I have never lived in Amsterdam. I have,
though, visited this beautiful city on the Amstel river
and I love it and would like to return again!
Thank you so very much for the nice card and the
beautiful memories of traveling there.

First Card from HongKong

This is a great picture, a beautiful view of a little
village caled TaiO. It was sent to me by Deborah, an English
teacher who lives and works in HongKong. She says this
little village is near her home, about 20 minutes by bus.
She says that, by contrast, she lives on the 23rd floor of
an apartment building that is really pretty and modern.
She also says that TaiO is a nice place to visit. I think
I would really enjoy a vist here!
Thank you, Deborah, for the great card!

First Card from Iran

Yasi, from Tabriz in Iran, sent me this beautiful card.
The structure is a part of Maghbaratol-shoara, a
graveyard for poets in Tabriz. I think it is a
beautiful structure reflected in a beautiful pool.
Thank you, Yasi, for the great card!

A Card from Gliwic (Poland)

This is an aerial view of Paulina's home city
of Gliwice. She says it is an industrial city byt also
has an historical center. She also points out that,
in the middle of the picture, you can see the
market place. I love European market places
because it reminds me of Saturday mornings in Ulm,
Germany. We always went down to the marketplace
in front of the Muenster where there was a huge farmer's
market. This is true in most European cities.
Thank you, Paulina, for the nice card!

Happy Mother's Day!

This was the card on my Mother's Day gift
from Brenda and Charlie. The gift is a really
beautiful mandevilla vine with red flowers.
It is now planted near the family room window,
with a trellis behind it to climb on.
Since Brenda and I have been 'postcrossing'
we have found that postcards can be used for more
than just mailing! I LOVE it!
Thank you, Brenda and Charlie!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Flowers From Taiwan

Purin, from Taiwan, sent me these pretty
white flowers. (I love WHITE flowers!).
Thank you very much, Purin.
She also put these beautiful Taiwanese
stamps on her card. I especially like
the round one with the sea turtles!

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Baltic Sea Beach

Sandra, from Lithuania, sent me this picture
of a beautiful beach on the Baltic Sea.
She says they spend a lot of time there
in the summer. I think I would also spend
a lot of time there--it is magnificent, and I would
love to go beachcombing!
Thank you, Sandra, for a card that is just
right for me!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Taichung, Taiwan

Ju Min, from Taiwan, sent me this very old
picture of the train station in Taichung (central
Taiwan). She says it has changed a lot now, because this
picture was made about 60 years ago!
I do like the card, Ju Min! Age makes so many
things better!
Thank you very much!

From Wissenbourg, France

The old world charm of villages like this
always puts me in a nostalgic mood. I like to think
of all the people who have passed this way
or had a part in the making of these places.
This village, Wissenbourg, France, is a small
one of about 7500 inhabitants. The church in the
picture was built in the 13th century. I think it is
a lovely picture and I would love to see it for myself.
Since I can't, I am so glad that Guy sent me this
picture of his village. Guy is a teacher who is fortunate
enough to live here. He says they have many old houses
and many tourists who come to visit his town.
Thank you, Guy, for sharing it with me.

This is the pretty stamp that brought Guy's card to me.

A Painting From China

Shan, from China, sent me this lovely painting.
She said she had read on my profile thatI like oil painting,
so she chose this card for me. I think it's great.
Thank you, Shan, for the nice card!

Ahh=h=h=h! Schoene Ulm!

I received this card from my newest penpal,
Gabi, who was born in Ulm and now lives in
Weissenhorn. If you have never been to Ulm, you
cannot imagine what a beautiful old city it is!
Gabi shares my love of this city and, since Weissenhorn
is very close by, she can visit it often.
I found out, too, that Gabi and her husband, Klaus,
got married in the Muenster (above) and,
not only that, they got married while we were
living in Ulm. I wish I had known her then so that
I could have been at her wedding!
Thank you, Gabi, for the great card and for bringing
up so many great memories of Ulm!