Monday, September 28, 2009

Card #5 From Thea (The Netherlands)

This is the fifth 'Monday' card I have received from
Thea. If you scroll down far enough, you will come
across all the others. Thea says, 'Where would we be
in this world if we had not learned how to write
(and ride a bike, for Dutchmen!)
You are so right, Thea!
Thank you for the wonderful card. I love the
concentration shown on the child's face as she
practices her writing!

Gruesse aus Langenfeld (Deutschland)

My new friend in Langenfeld is Annika. She tells me that
Langenfeld is a little town next to Cologne. Annika lives
in a section called Richrath, shown in the upper right
corner of the card. She says they have a water-ski place
there and it is very cool! Thank you, Annika, for
the beautiful card!

A Ukrainian Resort

Sasha, who is 16 years old and lives in the 'sunny city
of Odessa' in the Ukraine, sent me this great postcard.
It is a picture of the Black Sea in Crimea, a
Ukrainian resort. I think it is beautiful!
Thank you, Sasha, for sharing this beautiful view
of Crimea with me!

A Dutch Lighthouse in Marken

This black-and-white lighthouse is on the island of
Marken in the Netherlands. I am not surprised that
it is black-and-white. When we went to Marken, we
were amazed that every animal we saw--cats, dogs, cows,
chickens, geese, etc.--were all black-and-white!
This is a pretty little lighthouse. It was sent to me
by Marieke, who lives in The Hague. She says the
lighthouse almost looks like a real house!
Thank you, Marieke, for the pretty lighthouse card!

Groeten (greetings) from Holland

Sue, who lives in Rotterdam in the Netherlands,
sent this card to me. It shows many typical Dutch
things. Bicycles are a major form of transportation
in Holland (see upper right picture). The picture in
the upper left shows a motorcycle with Delft-style
painting on it! I have never seen one like that before!
Of course, the tulips and the pastries say 'Holland' too!
Thank you, Sue, for a taste of your country!

A Student's Project

These falling waters, rushing over the rocks and
cliffs, are on a card I received from Patrick,
a 15-year-old student in Germany. He says he
does Postcrossing with his private English tutor.
I think that must be a great way to learn about a
new language, as well as about other countries
and peoples.
Thank you, Patrick, for the nice card.

A Belarusian Card

This pretty buildingh with its Ionic columns is
the city hall in Svoboda (Freedom) Square,
Minsk, Belarus. It comes to me from Taras,
who lives in this capital city of Belarus.
He says he works as a media and motion
designer, and is fond of video-art, photography,
and graphic design.
Thank you, Taras, for the nice card!
These are the stamps that brought Taras' card.

Her First Postcrossing Card

This card, a Van Gogh painting, was sent to me
by Erica, who lives in Northborough, Massachusetts.
She said that this is the first Postcrossing card she has
sent and she is so excited. I can understand completely,
Erica. I have been postcrossing about 15 months and
I still get excited about it! Thank you so much for
the great art card!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lighthouses of Maine

Kayla, who lives in Brunswick, Maine, sent me this picture
of five of my favorite lighthouses in Maine. They are:
Bass Harbor, Pemaquid Point, West Quoddy,
Portland Head, and Cape Neddick (Nubble). I have
visited all of these lighthouses more than once, and
I love them. The card makes me itch to go back to
Maine and re-visit. When Sam and I go to Maine, we
often stay at the Naval Station in Brunswick, where
Kayla lives.
Thank you, Kayla, for bringing back wonderful memories!

If Wishes Were Horses...

This pretty little postcard comes to me from
Hanna, who lives in Finland. She translated the
front of the card, and it says,
"Even a small dream can e a seed of great
That's a nice thought, and I love the little bunny
making a wish and blowing the dandelion fluff!
Thank you, Hanna, for the nice card!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Most Amazing Card Yet!

Not only does this card show the Bulgarian folklore dancers,
musical instruments, costumes, etc., the card, itself,
is cut out in the shape of Bulgaria! It comes to me from
Stefka, who lives in Aitos, Bulgaria. The back of the card reads:
'Bulgaria is world famous for its long centuries of
folklore traditions in the field of the musical and dance arts.
The voices of Bulgarian performers of folk songs are
cosmic and mystical. The magic of their performance is
completed with the incredible splendor of traditional
This is a great card, Stefka, and I really appreciate
your sending it to me. Thank you so much!

Charleston Sternwheel Regatta

I had never heard of a 'sternwheel Regatta' until I received
this card from Michelle in Mason, a small town
in West Virginia. She, too, likes to travel, and she
lived a few years in Hawaii, but then moved back to her
hometown. The back of the card says,
Charleston's Kanawha River Levee is the hub of activities
for this 10-day river festival. This is truly a river-oriented
festival for the people. Participants and observers view the
Sternwheel Regatta festivities from all types of personal river
craft and from along the banks of the Kanawha River.
Thank you, Michelle, for the great card.

Niagara Falls--the Canadian Side

Isn't this an amazing view of Niagara Falls? It shows
the Canadian side of the Falls, with the capital city
of Canada, Toronto, in the background. I love the way
it looks when photographed at night! Stephen sent
me the card. He lives in Toronto, and likes to spend
time with his hobbies, photography and scrapbooking.
He also likes to go to the beach on Lake Ontario. He
said he took some cool snapshots of the sailboats,
rocks on the beach, etc.
I would love to see those pix, Stephen! Many thanks
for the great card!
This little Olympic skier was on the
stamp of Stephen's card.

From Yang in Taiwan

This card shows the Kaohsiung Arena in Taiwan
where the Kaohsiung World Games were held this
past summer. Yang sent me this very nice postcard,
and he also put some amazing stamps (below) on the card.
Thank you very much Yang!

From the 'Berry Region' of France

This is a 'private swap' postcard that was sent to me by Ann.
The card comes from France, where she lives part of the
time. The rest of the time she lives in England. She said they
have recently moved to France because they once spent
3 years in Paris and missed it, and now their grown sons
have settled in the south of France. Their first grandchild
was born on the 10th of this month.
Thank you, Ann, for the lovely card. I have always thought
I would love living in the south of France, but never made it!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A 'Thank You' card from Brenda

I received this iguana card in the mail today from
Brenda, who lives in Florida. She took the picture
of this iguana eating a hibiscus flower while she
was in the Virgin Islands with her husband,
celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.
She said this big lizard was about 7 1/2 feet long!
Amazing photo, Brenda! I love it!
Thank you very much!

Pretty Polly!

Sue, a librarian from Phoenix, AZ, sent me
this beautiful picture of a macaw in Costa Rica.
She and her husband like to travel and she
tells me that seeing a flock of macaws glying to
feed (in Costa Rica) is just gorgeous.
I can imagine it is, Sue! They are such
beautiful birds. Thank you very much
for the great card!

Stained Glass and Candles

This is the fourth postcard I have received from
Thea, who lives in Hoorn, The Netherlands.
We are trading cards each Monday for six weeks.
She tells me that, for her, churches always mean
candles and stained glass, and that she is always
'running into things as my view is upwards'!
I understand completely, Thea. I have seen quite
a few European cathedrals and they are beautiful.
I never tired of visiting the Muenster in Ulm
when we lived in Germany.
Thank you for this nice card.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

From a Belgian Music-Lover

Yasmine, a newcomer to Postcrossing,
sent me this card from Belgium, where she
lives. She said that the card shows her
passion: MUSIC!
Being a music-lover myself, I can identify
with Yasmine! I love the card, Yasmine,
and I thank you very much!

Vine and Branches

"I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man
remains in me and I in him, he will bear much
fruit; apart from me you can do nothing....
If you remain in me and my words remain in you,
ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.
This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much
fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples."
John 15:5, 7 - 8
This very nice card came to me from Hiltrud
who lives in Vechta, Germany.
Thank you, Hiltrud, for the beautiful card!

A Romanian Card

The building shown on this card is
Calimanesti Hotel Central in Romania. I comes
to me from Andrea, who asks if I think it looks
like a hotel. Well, no, it doesn't.
I would have guessed it was a palace!
Thank you, Andrea, for the great card!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two from Deutschland

Claudia, from Wuppertal, sent me this card. She says
her city is the German town with a unique kind of
public transport--the Schwebebahn'. It can be seen
in the lower right hand corner of the card. It is a
monorail system where the cars glide along under
the rail. It was built in 1908! Claudia says that every
tourist has to 'float through our valley' on the
Schwebebahn. It looks like fun to me!!!
Thank you, Claudia, for introducing me to your
city and unique transportation!
The second card comes from Anke, who lives in
Dortmund, the seventh largest city in the country.
The card shows a lot of the cities and other sites
from Schoenes Deutschland--Heidelberg, erlin, Munich,
Rothenburg, Frankfurt and Cologne, as well as
the Konigssee and Neuschwanstein Castle and other
sites. (They did, however, leave out the beautiful city
of Ulm) I love the card and I love Germany!
Thank you, Anke, for the beautiful card!

Singapore Drama

Ammy, who lives in Singapore and teaches piano there,
sent me this nice card advertising a drama to be
given at the Drama Centre Theatre in her city.
Ammy wrote a nice long note on her card, telling me
of Singapore's rich cultural background. There
are many different races living in this city, and
each brings its cultural and leisure events
to the mix. Ammy is Chinese and her race makes
up about 75% of the population. She says that
piano playing is extremely popular and that almost
everyone learns it when they are young. Clasasical piano
training and qualifications are recognized and valued.
She says that is why she is able to make a living
from what she does.
Thank you, Ammy, for a beautiful and informative
postcard. I truly like it!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Nice Shot!

This very nice postcard came to me from
my daughter, Brenda (Postcrossing user Cinnamon1).
She said it is her first attempt at sending
a postcard through Hippopost
It is a photo she took
of Bass Harbor lighthouse in Acadia National Park, Maine.
Very good, Brenda! I love it!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Second Monday Card

Thea, from Hoorn, Netherlands, and I are swapping
cards every Monday for six weeks. This is the second
of the series I am receiving from her. (The first can
be seen by scrolling down this page.)
Although this looks like a watercolor, it is actually
an oil painting by Jantje Klop. Thea says, 'Jantje Klop
is a serious artist, not one who throws paint on a
white frame. This one I bought in her atelier in
Oostzaan, northwest of Amsterdam.'
It is a beautiful painting and I love it, Thea!
Thank you so very much!

Providence, RI Memories

Lori sent me this wonderful picture of beautiful
downtown Providence, the capital city of Rhode
Island. Back in 1968, when we were living on
Cape Cod, the providence TV stations usually
gave us our best reception. One of them, as a promotion,
had a sweepstakes and asked people to send in
their addresses for a drawing. If their name was
drawn, they had 15 minutes to call the station and
claim the prize, All the letters were put into a huge
drum for the drawing. John, who was in the fifth
grade at the time, insisted on sending in his name.
I told him to look at that big drum of letters, trying
to tell him there was very little chance of his winning.
However, he insisted, and we sent in his name.
Lo and behold, they drew it and John won a little
black-and-white TV set! He was so proud of it!
He kept it for years, and even took it to college with
him. Later, he gave it to his girlfriend, who is
now his wife, Laurie! Isn't that a great story?
Thank you, Lori, for the wonderful card and memories!

Matsu Festival, Taiwan

What a great picture! This card comes to me from
Angie, who lives in Taiwan. She writes:
'This photo was taken in Dajia, a small fisher
village about 40 km from where I live. On this
card, it shows a participant of Matsu Festival.
Matsu, the Mother, is the protector for all the
sailors. For those whose life depends on the
dangerously unpredictable ocean, Matsu is like
an eternal lighthouse to ensure their safe return.
For those whose loved ones are on the boat, it is for
a peaceful mind.'
Thank you, Angie, for such a lovely card!
Angie put this great stamp on her card. It seems
to be children playing on percussion
instruments. Beautiful!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head

If you scroll down this page, you will notice a picture
of Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon. It was sent
to me by Michelle, who said that it was the only
Arizona card she could find that had water in it!
So, now she has sent me this picture of Waikiki Beach
and Diamond Head because she knew how much I
like natural waters. I love it, Michelle!
Thank you very much!

Remember Chiang Kai-shek?

Winnie, who is a university student in Taiwan,
sent me this picture of Tzuhu Guest House. It is
the temporary resting place of the late President
Chiang Kai-shek. It looks like a beautiful place.
Note the guards in white uniforms at the front
Thank you, Winnie, for the nice card.

Friday, September 4, 2009

A Card From Matt

Matt, who lives near Chicago, sent me this beautiful
painting by William Trost Richards. Richards,
who painted many pictures of 'water in its
natural habitat', lived in the latter part of the
18th century. He painted in several mediums,
but I think he is a great watercolorist.
Thank you, Matt, for the nice card!

From Russia, With Love

This beautiful card came to me from Irina,
who lives in StarjOscol, in Russia.
It shows Portland Head Light and a beautiful
sailing ship in the foreground. I wish I knew
what the word at the top of the card says.
Thank you, Irina, for the beautiful card!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

'Water' in Arizona

This is a beautiful picture of Havasu Falls in the
Grand Canyon. It was sent to me by Michelle, who writes,
'I think (this card) is the only Arizona card I've
found with any type of water on it :)'
This just goes to show you that Postcrossers will
bend over backward to try to get a card that
will please the recipient!
I love the card, Michelle. The falls are beautiful
and the card is so colorful!
Thank you very much!

Cards from Singapore

The following cards were received in a wonderful
package that came to me from Tuck Wei, who
lives in Singapore. (See the Singapore flag to the
left.) The package contained all these nice cards,
and also a beautiful set of table pieces. As soon
as I can photograph them, I will put them on my

Singapore's Changi Airport. It has been rated the
best in the world for amenities, facilities, and
A model of the Future Marina Bay Sands Integrated
Resort and Casino.
The City of Singapore from atop
The Singapore Flyer, the world's tallest
observation wheel.
An ad card for Spinelli coffee.
"Spinelli Coffee is still going strong after ten years
of serving the best, freshest coffee in town. So drink
to our anniversary with a cuppa."
Tenth Anniversary promotion, March, 2006

These are the beautiful stamps that
brought my gift from Tuck Wei.
The City of Singapore with its newest attraction,
The Singapore Flyer, The World's Tallest
Observation Wheel.

This is a great card! The legend on the back reads:
"The high season of East Timor's fabulous far eastern
beaches starts in April. Driven by a thing called
love, Hawksbill and Green turtles paddle up our shores
by the thousands. If you're a diver, you'll see Manta rays,
Whale sharks, Dugongs, giant groupers, and, if you're
lucky, another diver. In April and May, you'll cross
the migratory path of the Humpback leviathan.
In nine out of ten trips to Atauro Island, you'll be
harangued by pesky dolphins and Pilot whales.
If you've had enough of marine life, you can always chill
out at one of Dill's seaside bars and have some
Sex on the Beach*. Why should the turtles have all
the fun?"
*Sex on the Beach is the name of a drink!

Thank you, Tuck Wei, for the fabulous gift and
all the neat postcards! I love them!