Monday, October 26, 2009

One from Brazil and One from the Netherlands

Daniela, who lives in Brazil, sent me this picture
of some bottles of oil, extracted from different trees. She
said they are supposed to cure wounds and even some
diseases--or so people believe. They are Indian
traditions that are still with us! She said the one
in the center, Oleo de Copaiba, is for everything from
bad colds to small cuts on the skin!
I think I'll not try them!
Thank you, Daniela, for the very interesting card!
Merel, sent me this beautiful multiview card
from Goes, in the Netherlands. Merel is
studying photography at the Royal Art Academy.
She says it is hard, but she loves doing it. She
wants to make a career of this hobby.
Thank you, Merel, for the beautiful card! I love
the windmills and the fountain by the water's edge!

Two Cards From Penpals in Finland

This card comes to me from Ulla, who lives in
Harjavalta, Finland. She Makes these wonderful
Art Trading Cards, and they are so beautiful!
This is an Autumn card that Ulla sent, wishing
me a beautiful Autumn!
Thank you so very much, Ulla! I love it!
I also love the letter you included with the card!
This beautiful card was sent to me by Sinikka, who
lives in Vaasa, Finland. I love the long causeway
crossing the water from the park to the city on
the other side. It reminds me of the long curving
causeway linking South Padre Island to the
Texas coast. It was built with a curve so it could resist
hurricanes blowing in from the Gulf of Mexico.
I wonder if this one was built to resist storms too.
Thank you, Sinikka, for the lovely card and
your note on the back!

Cards from the Virginias

I received two great cards from the Virginias!

This card is an aerial view of Hampton, Virginia.
It is the home of Angie, who sent it to me.
Hampton is the oldest continuous English-speaking
community in America!
Thank you, Angie, for the great card!
This card comes to me from Earlene in West Virginia.
However, the picture shows a miniature railroad display
about 70 miles from her home. It is at the Great
Miniature Railroad & Village in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
You can see a miniature circus with the trains running
around the sides. I love miniature displays such as this!
Thank you, Earlene, for a very unique card!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A View of Lappland

This is a beautiful sunset picture of Lapland
in northern Finland. It was sent to me by
Postcrossing user Cute. She says that a friend
took her to Lapland and this picture was taken
there. It is, indeed, a beautiful place.
Thank you, Cute, for the nice postcard.

An Italian 'Fishing Machine'

Vince, who lives in Italy, sent me this picture of
'Il Trabobbo', an Italian 'fishing machine' I have
never heard of this before and do not know how
it works, but it is very interesting. The white area
at the end of the 'machine' is a bit of damage that
the card received in the mail. It sort of looks like
a distant lighthouse! Thank you, Vince, for the
very nice card!

Nice stamps, too!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Carlos Gardel, a Singer of Tango

Alejandro, who lives in Argentina, sent me this
beautiful card. It shows Carlos Gardel, a singer
of Tango, who is dressed as a Gaucho
(an Argentinian cowboy).
Thank you, Alejandro, for the wonderful card.
I love it because it is so different!

Lombard Bridge, Hamburg, Germany

This is a beautiful night view card, showing the
Lombard Bridge (Lombardbruecke) with the
city of Hamburg behind it. It comes to me from
Bianca. She tells me that,like me, she is an
Aquarius, her birthday being January 23--like
Richard Dean Anderson who plays MacGyver!~
Thank you, Bianca, for the great card!

A Poster Card From the U.K.

Kellie, who lives in England, sent me this
great reproduction of a World War II poster.
"Propaganda posters urged a wide range of economies.
Clothes were rationed in 1941 and all resources
directed to the war effort."
Kellie says she has lived in England all her life,
but she is also American--her Dad is from
Ann Arbor, Michigan. She is also very interested
in WWII and how people's lives were changed
by it.
I love the card, Kellie. It is so unique!
Thank you very much!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two 'Thank You' Cards

The two cards and the stamps below are
'thank you' cards from two Postcrossing

This card is from Marina, who lives in Minsk, Belarus.
She says that this place is historic region and it
is called Trinity Suburb.
It is a lovely card! Thank you, Marina!
I also like the two animal stamps (below) that brought
the card to me!

This card came to me from Michelle, who lives in
Shanghai. It was mailed on October 1st, and Michelle
said it was the 60th anniversary of China.
Also, that it had been a happy day for her, with
pleasant weather.
Thank you, Michelle, for the beautiful card
and the very nice stamps (below).

A Poster From Ann

Ann, who lives in the southern part of France
part of the year, sent me this great poster card
from La Cote D'Azur. It says that the sun shines
all year in Cote D'Azur. Ann writes: 'I don't know
whether the Cote D'Azur really has sunshine all
the year but certainly it has been lovely this week.
It does have a wonderful climate so you can understand
why people flocked there. For me, my granddaughter is
the main attraction!'
I can understand that, because I know that my
great-granddaughter, Jaycee, is a main attraction
to me, wherever she is!
Thank you, Ann, for the great card--I love it!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Card From Tornio, Finland

Sansku, a Postcrossing user from Finland, sent
me this pretty card with ducks. Sansku lives in
the city of Tornio, which is in northern Finland
near the Swedish border.
Thank you for the great card, Sansku! I also love
the beautiful Finnish stamp (below) which you
put on the card.

Postcard from Samara

Nina, who lives in Samara, Russia, a city of the banks
of the Volga River, sends me this postcard from
her home city. The building in the picture is the
Academic Drama Theatre, and the architectural
style is called 'Moscow baroque'. The monument at
the top right is a statue of A. Pushkin, the famous
Russian poet and playwright. At the bottom right,
the monument is to Vasily Chapaev, a distinguished
military commander. He is shown in front of a band
of soldiers, urging them forward.
Thank you, Nina, for a very interesting card!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Minnesota and Ennepetal

My first card today comes from Dahli, who lives in
Minneapolis, Minnesota--'just a few miles north
of I-35!' The picture is from the Museum of Modern Art
in New York City. It shows a piece of 'art' by Vincent
Borelli, entitled Rosemary Jamison's Truck.
Dahli tells me that it is officially Fall there now,
and she is racing the clock to get her perennials in
the ground before it gets too cold. They just
purchased their home a month ago so she must hurry!
Thank you, Dahli, for the great card!

Above is the coat of arms of the city of Ennepetal.

This card comes to me from Niels, a law student at
the Ruhr University in Westphalen. He also works
part time at a gas station. Ennepetal is a small
town of 32,000 inhabitants and it is in a beautiful
valley, as seen on the card. Niels wrote about half
of the card in English and then finished it in
German. With the help of my handy-dandy
German/English dictionary, I was able to read
(and understand) it! Thank you, Niels, for the
beautiful introduction to your city!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

OneDutch, One Finnish, One Lithuanian Card

In addition to the three private swaps below
(scroll down), I received these beautiful
European cards.
This card comes to me from Maaike, who lives
in the Netherlands. I love the little wooden
shoes on the card!
Thank you, Maaike, for the great card!
This card is from Laura, who lives in the middle part of
Finland. However, she says she has visited Lappland, and
hopes to someday live there. She really liked it there.
This card shows water rushing over rocks in a little
'tundra brook'. Thank you, Laura, for the great card!
Laura put the beautiful 'northern lights' stamp (below)
on her card.

Kristina, who lives in Vilnius, Lithuania, sent me this
beautiful card. She also wrote a beautifully poetic note
in her card, describing the winter, the changing seasons,
and the beautiful country where she lives. I loved
reading her note so much, because I could almost
'see' the things she was describing. She wrote, "I am
sending you my love of incomprehensibly deep forests,
little springs flowing somewhere in there, dark green
shades of grass and of white immense wastelands in
winter. This country is too little to be noticed in the
map but, believe me, it's as vast as Narnia."
Thank you, Kristina, for your card and your
beautiful writing!
The gorgeous stamp below brought Kristina's
card to me.

3 Private Swaps

Today's mail brought 3 privately exchanged cards.
This card came from Ann, in France. Isn't it a gorgeous
picture? I love the wavy wrapping around the
lighthouse! Ann lives part-time in France and
part-time in England. She tells me that her husband
worked 3 years in Paris, and when they returned to
England, they missed the way of life in France. So,
when he retired, they decided to have the best of
both worlds!
Thank you, Ann, for your beautiful card!
This is card #3 (of 6) in my Monday exchanges with Thea,
from Hoorn, Netherlands. I have already received all
the other cards, so this one must have been 'gotten lost'
on its way to Texas! 'Lighthouse Lover' that I am,
this is a perfect choice for me! Thank you, Thea, for
the beautiful card and the nice exchange we have
This card comes to me from Bruce, in Las Vegas.
He said, 'Don't let the picture fool you; it's not
always the 4th of July here. It just feels that way!'
It's a beautiful card, Bruce, and I thank you for the
opportunity to swap cards with you. I really like
the 'really old' stamps that Bruce put on his card.
You can see them below. They are stamps from
the '50's and 60's. I think that's really neat.
I wonder where you get such old unused stamps.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

3 Cards, 3 Continents: Netherlands, USA, Australia

Here are three beautiful cards I received from three
different continents:
The first card comes to me from The Netherlands,
on the European continent. It is
the sixth of six cards that Thea and I agreed to exchange.
This one is a packet of 'forget-me-not' seeds that came
in the form of a postcard. I LOVE it! I can hardly wait
to plant them. I have seen lots of pictures of
forget-me-nots, but I can't remember ever seeing
one 'au naturel'!
Thank you, Thea, for this six-week exchange of cards.
I have enjoyed it and hope we can do it again sometime.
The second of my inter-continental cards is from
my own continent--North America. Elena sent me
this beautiful card showing the Manhattan Bridge over
the East River, New York City. I have been a member
of Postcrossing for 15 months now, and this is the
first card I have received from New York City.
It is beautiful and I love it, Elena!

And the third continent in this series is Australia.
This wonderful card, sent to me by Shona, shows
many of the various landscapes and interesting
flora and fauna of that continent. It is beautiful
and I appreciate it very much, Shona! Thank you!