Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stamps, Stamps, Wonderful Stamps

I have received several envelopes
recently with some very nice stamps.
I decided to put them all in one post.
Danielle, an American lady who teaches in Japan,
sent me a note and some 'squished pennies'
in an envelope with thes awesome stamps.
One of the squished pennies had an image
of 'Hello Kitty' on it and one of the stamps
does too! Really neat!
These bird stamps came from my
newest penpal, Arlene, from the Philippines.
The top two stamps show a white-collared
kingfisher and a white-throated kingfisher.
The two at the bottom show the
short-eared owl. Nice stamps!
These stamps were on a package I received
from Sisko in Finland. I think Finland has
some of the most beautiful and unusual
stamps I've seen. I was really intrigued by
the two on the upper right, because they
are 'shaped' stamps rather than rectangular.
One of them shows a castle and the other
looks like dancers. Of course, there were also
the beautiful flower stamps.
And these stamps? Why, they are from the
U.S.A. The 5-cent stamp shows American
toleware. The other celebrates the
lunar (Chinese) new year. However, it is not
this year's 'Year of the Ox'. It is for the
'Year of the Ram'.
Since I joined Postcrossing, I have been amazed
at all the beautiful stamps that have
brought my postcards from the four corners
of the earth! I love them all!

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