Thursday, July 30, 2009

'Fishing in Lapland'

The picture (above) was taken from Lake Kalpisjarvi.
The mountain peaks in the background are in
Sweden and Norway. The peak in the center is called
Paras. It is 1419 meters high and it is in Norway.
The banner above is from the website
of Kalpisjarvi, in Northern Finland.
This is the place where the card (below)
comes from.
This is a great card from Lapland! It was sent to me by
Ari. He is from Kilpisjarvi, above the Arctic Circle.
A little poem on back of the card, entitled
'Joyful Fishing In The Wild North', says:
When people in the South at weekends go on lakes for sailing,
The northern folks are ice-fishing for trout and char and grayling.
While bad smell of the factories disturb by southern creeks,
Clean northern rivers have their best wild salmon fishing weeks!
Thank you, Ari, for the great card!

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