Monday, October 26, 2009

One from Brazil and One from the Netherlands

Daniela, who lives in Brazil, sent me this picture
of some bottles of oil, extracted from different trees. She
said they are supposed to cure wounds and even some
diseases--or so people believe. They are Indian
traditions that are still with us! She said the one
in the center, Oleo de Copaiba, is for everything from
bad colds to small cuts on the skin!
I think I'll not try them!
Thank you, Daniela, for the very interesting card!
Merel, sent me this beautiful multiview card
from Goes, in the Netherlands. Merel is
studying photography at the Royal Art Academy.
She says it is hard, but she loves doing it. She
wants to make a career of this hobby.
Thank you, Merel, for the beautiful card! I love
the windmills and the fountain by the water's edge!

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