Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two from Deutschland

Claudia, from Wuppertal, sent me this card. She says
her city is the German town with a unique kind of
public transport--the Schwebebahn'. It can be seen
in the lower right hand corner of the card. It is a
monorail system where the cars glide along under
the rail. It was built in 1908! Claudia says that every
tourist has to 'float through our valley' on the
Schwebebahn. It looks like fun to me!!!
Thank you, Claudia, for introducing me to your
city and unique transportation!
The second card comes from Anke, who lives in
Dortmund, the seventh largest city in the country.
The card shows a lot of the cities and other sites
from Schoenes Deutschland--Heidelberg, erlin, Munich,
Rothenburg, Frankfurt and Cologne, as well as
the Konigssee and Neuschwanstein Castle and other
sites. (They did, however, leave out the beautiful city
of Ulm) I love the card and I love Germany!
Thank you, Anke, for the beautiful card!

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