Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cards from Singapore

The following cards were received in a wonderful
package that came to me from Tuck Wei, who
lives in Singapore. (See the Singapore flag to the
left.) The package contained all these nice cards,
and also a beautiful set of table pieces. As soon
as I can photograph them, I will put them on my

Singapore's Changi Airport. It has been rated the
best in the world for amenities, facilities, and
A model of the Future Marina Bay Sands Integrated
Resort and Casino.
The City of Singapore from atop
The Singapore Flyer, the world's tallest
observation wheel.
An ad card for Spinelli coffee.
"Spinelli Coffee is still going strong after ten years
of serving the best, freshest coffee in town. So drink
to our anniversary with a cuppa."
Tenth Anniversary promotion, March, 2006

These are the beautiful stamps that
brought my gift from Tuck Wei.
The City of Singapore with its newest attraction,
The Singapore Flyer, The World's Tallest
Observation Wheel.

This is a great card! The legend on the back reads:
"The high season of East Timor's fabulous far eastern
beaches starts in April. Driven by a thing called
love, Hawksbill and Green turtles paddle up our shores
by the thousands. If you're a diver, you'll see Manta rays,
Whale sharks, Dugongs, giant groupers, and, if you're
lucky, another diver. In April and May, you'll cross
the migratory path of the Humpback leviathan.
In nine out of ten trips to Atauro Island, you'll be
harangued by pesky dolphins and Pilot whales.
If you've had enough of marine life, you can always chill
out at one of Dill's seaside bars and have some
Sex on the Beach*. Why should the turtles have all
the fun?"
*Sex on the Beach is the name of a drink!

Thank you, Tuck Wei, for the fabulous gift and
all the neat postcards! I love them!

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