Friday, August 29, 2008

Card from Naarden

The stamps on Liz's envelope are interesting. Of course, the text is
in Dutch, and says 'Denk groen doe groen',
which, although I do not speak Dutch, I think means,
'Think green, act green'.
One stamp shows a big truck with 'Roetfilter" (red filter?) written on the side,
and the exhaust turning into flowers.
Another stamp shows a green cow with 'BIO' on its side and
an electric plug for a tail.
I'm sure they are environmental stamps, don't you think?
This card shows the beautiful town hall in Naarden,
the Netherlands.
Naarden turned 650 years old in the year 2000.
That means it was established in 1350!
The two side views are the marriage chamber (at top) and the
entrance to the town hall (at bottom).
Liz Kramer sent me the card and she sent it in an envelope so she
would have more room to write on the card!
She enjoys Postcrossing although, as a working woman,
she does not have mujch time for private correspondence.
Naarden is her hometown.
Thank you, Liz, for the lovely card and
'beste wensen' to you too!

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Lies said...

Hello Shirley,

I was surprised to see that my card sent to you was already published on your blog. Funny that you also mentioned the stamps. You were right about 'Denk groen, doe groen' (Think green, act green') but the 'roetfilter' means a filter for exhaust fumes (roet is Dutch for soot).

Thanks again, it is fine idea that my card doesn't disappeares in the waste-basket!

Best wishes,