Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WOW! Jackpot!

I really hit the jackpot today. I received
seven postcards in the mail.
Then I had one that I had sent to Boston registered!
left: Zulu chief; top: Zulu woman;
bottom: Nganga training

Namaqualand, Cape Town, Lion, Johannesburg, Blyde Canyon

Rondavel Viewpoint, Blyde River Canyon

Mpumalanga Province - South Africa
Land of splendour, Mpumalanga offers vistas and villages,
waterfalls and wagontrails, to fascinate the traveler. Johannesburg, - Gauteng - South Africa
Largest city in the Republic and the thriving centre
of the gold-fields of the Witwatersrand.
Look at this!

I dearly love this postcard and the stamp that brought it to me.
Hilkka sent me the postcard from Finland and she told me that the stamp
is a picture of her 12-year-old son! He is such a handsome lad
and I think it is so neat that his mother had the stamp made!
This is an official postcard swap but, unfortunately, Hilkka did not put
the ID number on the card. However, she did send her
complete address, so I can write to her and get the number to register it.
Hilkka also said she would like to be a penpal, which I love!
Thank you, Hilkka, for such a nice card and stamp!

This is the first of seven postcards I received today.
The lighthouse in this picture is Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia,
and it was sent to me by Alison in a private swap.
Lighthouse-hugger that I am, I LOVE this picture!
Thanks so much, Alison!

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