Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Card from the island of Jersey

Aren't these great 'airline' stamps?
They are from the island of Jersey, which
is a part of the United Kingdom.
Mary, who lives on Jersey Island, sent me this
card of the Waterloo Bridge. This is the Waterloo
Bridge that spans the River Conwy at Betws-y-C0ed
in Conwy county borough, northwest Wales.
(There is another Waterloo Bridge in London, which
was used to make a WWII classic movie called,
naturally, 'Waterloo Bridge'.)
This ridge in Wales was built by civil engineer Thomas Telford.
There is an inscription across the lower part of
the bridge that reads, 'This arch was constructed
in the same year the Battle of Waterloo was fought.'
If you click on the image above, it will enlarge the
picture and you can probably read the inscription.
Thank you, Mary, for this very interesting postcard.

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