Monday, March 9, 2009

Four in One Day!

I received four cards in today's mail.
I think I have only had one other day that
I received so many at once!
Oh, I'm so homesick! I'd love to be in Ulm!
This card came to me from Sylvia. She now lives
in Switzerland, but she is a German girl from
a small village about 40 km from Ulm.
She said she chose the card because I had lived
there. I think that is SO-O-O nice.
Thank you very, very much, Sylvia!
I love this poster card which Tanja sent
to me from Finland. She says that she also has
lived in many places. She has lived in
Finland since the end of last year. Before
that, she lived in Switzerland. The poster
is by Anton Reckziegel for the Compagnie
Generale de Navigation sur Lac Leman. I think
it must be a cruise line.
Thank you, Tanja for your great card.
I love art cards like this.
Theo, from Belgium, sent me this card. It is a
German Soldiers' Graveyard (Deutscher
Soldatenfriedhof) in Lommel, Belgium,
where Theo lives. He said it is about 2 km from
his house and there are about 40,000 soldiers
buried there.
Thank you, Theo, for the nice card.
My fourth card today comes from Cologne (Koeln)
in Germany. Silke sent it, saying that she read
that I had lived in Ulm and thought perhaps I may
have visited here. Unfortunately, we did not
get to visit the beautiful city of Cologne.
I have read about the cathedral and the reliquary
there that supposedly contains the bones of
the three kings who visited the Christ Child.
I think it would be an interesting place to visit.
Thank you, Silke, for the beautiful card!

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