Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A View of Kaliningrad/Koenigsberg--Russia

Above you see the flag of the city of Kaliningrad, Russia.
This was once a German city in the Hanseatic League
and was called Koenigsberg. It was almost destroyed
during World War II. The Russians moved in and rebuilt
the city in 1945 and, in 1946, it was renamed Kaliningrad.
The seal on the right above, is the city seal. They celebrate
their city day on the first Saturday in July, which, this
year will be on July 4.

This postcard was sent to me by Yuriy, who
lives in the city of Kaliningrad/Koenigsberg.
He said this is a unique postcard because it is
19 years old.
I looked up the city on the internet and found
that it has a very interesting history. It goes
all the way back to the 13th century when
it was founded in 1255 by Teutonic knights.
The city has a tumultous history because of the
fights for domination by both the Germans and
the Russians.
Thank you, Yuriy, for such an interesting card!
It took six stamps on the back of this postcard
to bring it to San Antonio. Some of the
stamps were placed on top of others so there
would still be room for an address and message!

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