Monday, April 6, 2009

Haiku--Do You?

Isn't this a great card? It came, as a surprise,
from Egidijus, a cyclist from Lithuania.
He had earlier sent me a card from Croatia.
He says that his city is having a haiku
project as one of the events in their
'Vilnius, European Capital of Culture'
organization. They are asking people to write
haiku and send it in. As Egidijus says, it
is a beautiful idea. When I sent him a 'thank you'
for the card, I included my own haiku:
" It's a fiesta:
Lively music, laughter, fun,
San Antonio"
He said he sent it to the organization!
Isn't that neat?
Thank you, Egidijus, for the card and for
entering my haiku!

The stamp on Egidijus'
card is a Lithuanian
Olympic stamp.
I love it!

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