Tuesday, December 2, 2008

From the Land of 1000 Mountains

I really love this card!
It is from the Tyrolean Alps and I enjoy
looking at each of the 14 views!
The card came to me from Gaby, who lives in
Osttirol in Austria.
Another thing I like about the card, is that Gaby
wrote it all in German! I was able to figure most
of it from what I remembered of the German I
learned in Ulm. However, I did have to resort to
my German-English dictionary for some of it!
Gaby said that she comes from Austria, specifically
from Osttirol. She says they have many mountains
there but only 100 people in her village.
Thank you, Gaby, for such a delightful card!
I love this beautiful Austrian stamp with the
airliner on it!

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