Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A View of Delft

Laurie sent me this very nice view card
of Delft in the Netherlands.
She says that she has lived in Delft for only one month.
Delft is near the Hague, the political capital of
the Netherlands and near to the
North Sea coast.
When I lived in Germany, we went to Delft
to visit the porcelain factory. We got lost and,
as we were driving, a lady stopped us and asked
if she could help us since we looked like we were lost.
When we told her we were looking for the porcelain
factory, she insisted on showing us the way--even
though it was not the way she was going!
She left us with a very good impression of
Delft and its citizens!
Thank you, Laurie, for the 'memory' card!
This 'world' stamp brought Laurie's
card to Texas!

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