Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Gift from Sisko

I received such a nice gift from Sisko, who lives in Ypaja, Finland. She sent me a beautiful garland of snowflakes! I hung them on the sidelight of my patio door, and they sparkle and shine in the bright Texas sunlight.

Sisko has been telling me that she was hoping for a White Christmas but the weather had been too warm. I hope that, by the time Christmas arrived, she had her White Christmas.

We did NOT have a White Christmas in San Antonio.
The temperature was near 80 degrees F. (27 degrees C.) The day after
Christmas, we set a record of 84 degrees F. (29 degrees C.)
We have been wearing short sleeved shirts! (I hope I converted those temperatures correctly!)

This is the card that came with the garland Sisko
sent to me. Every Christmas, when I hang up the garland,
I will be thinking of Sisko and what a sweet surprise
she sent to me.
Thank you so very much, Sisko!

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