Saturday, December 20, 2008

Some Treasures from Yi

What a wonderful package I received from Yi!
It contained all the things you see in the picture below,
plus a wonderful letter.
I' will try to explain each of the items from the package.
Yi and her parents took a vacation trip to Yunnan Province
this summer. In Yunnan Province are different ethnic
groups of people. The items in Yi's package were purchased
there and these show a little of the Naxi people and their

There were two postcards of the giant pandas.
Of course, these are an endangered species and their
numbers are declining greatly. Scientists tried to hand-raise
one of the beautiful pandas and then release him into
the wild. However, since pandas are territorial animals,
the one released did not live very long. He did not know
how to adjust to the rules of the wild pandas and they
found his body in the forest.
Also, farmers have cut out so much bamboo to make
farmland, and this leaves their food source in crisis.
Hopefully, action will be taken to protect the beautiful
Giant Panda.

Another thing in Yi's package was a book of postcards.
The cards show different aspects and activities
of the Naxi people.

I love these pretty little bookmarks that were
in Yi's gift.
The first one shows a 'magic bird in charge of
coordinating the conflicts between people and the nature in
Naxi culture.' The hanging fish is a wooden cutting
decoration that people hang on the roofs of their
houses to express their best wishes for the future, the life.
The third one shows a stone lion. 'In China, many
stone lions are put in front of the house. People think
they can protect their lives.' The fourth one,
I think, is probably a temple bell.
Thank you so much, Yi, for the lovely package and for
telling me about the Naxi culture and Yunnan Province.

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