Saturday, January 17, 2009

From Vilnius, Lithuania

Teva (or Leva, or ieva) sent me this
beautiful card with a Christmas tree in front
of one of the municipal buildings.
Unfortunately, when I went to register the card,
the ID number was wrong and I could not register it.
I have tried to find this Postcrossing user who
sent me the card by contacting Postcrossing
and by using a Google search--all without the
results I want.
If you are the sender, please contact me with the
right ID number and I will register the card.

I really llike this card because of the Christmas tree
being all lit up, and because of the lights in
the other trees too. I like the cars parked
in front and the little bit of snow that is on the ground.
Thank you, Dear Sender, for such a nice card.
These lovely bird stamps were on my card
from Vilnius. They look like game birds
to me, especially the one on the right.
The one on the left may be a shore bird,
possibly a snipe.

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