Friday, January 16, 2009

Three Sisters from Australia

Lynette, who lives in Australia,
sent me this very interesting card. It shows
three rock columns that are called the Three Sisters,
and it is located in Katoomba, New South Wales.
Next to the picture is the legend of the three sisters.
The story tells of a witch doctor who had three daughters.
One day while the witch doctor was out searching for food for
his daughters, the girls unknowingly aroused the Bunyip, a creature
feared by all. When the witch doctor heard that the Bunyip was after
his daughters, he used his magic bone and turned them to stone,
planning to later turn them back to their former selves.
The Bunyip was angry and chased the witch doctor who, finding himself
trapped, turned himself into a Lyrebird and ran into a
small cave. Now everyone was safe, but the witch doctor
had dropped his magic bone. He searched for it, but,
when he could not find it, he could not turn them back.
This nice stamp (I believe the bird is a cassowary)
brought Lynette's card to me.
Thank you, Lynette, for a nice card and a good story!

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