Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two from the US of A

This postcard come from
a neighbor to the North:
Tiffany lives in Austin, Texas.
Even though Tiffany lives so near, she sent me
this beautiful card showing the Upper Falls at the
head of the gorge at Old Man's Cave in Ohio.
I love waterfalls and gorges, but I have never seen
this one.
Thank you, Tiffany, for showing me another beautiful
This card also came from the USA, but from
way up in the New England--Connecticut, to be exact.
Molly chose this unique postcard for me.
However, I'm not sure it would be called a postcard.
The picture is the back side of an envelope,
which is made of a letter that Molly wrote to me.
No matter what it is, I love it because it is
so different. Looks like these two characters are
enjoying tea and cakes, and maybe there's a little
flirting going on!!!
Thank you, Molly, for a great piece of mail!

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