Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Greeting from Budapest

I received a beautiful card from Budapest, Hungary today.
This one is from Liz and shows the railway station.
Liz writes, "This station is the most famous meeting point in the city,
people say: 'under the clock...' "
Wouldn't it be nice to meet someone 'under the clock'
at this beautiful station?
It sounds so exciting to me!

These two stamps are the ones that brought
Liz' card to me.
The one on the left shows a side chair with 'barley twist'
legs and uprights and a cane back. The word at the top of it
I could not find a meaning for it.
The second stamp, however,
commemorates the joining of Hungary to NATO
on March 12, 1999.
I had to 'google' this information!
I really like the stamps. And I like things that make me do
some research to find out more!
Thank you, Liz, for the beautiful card and for the stamps.
I enjoy all of it!

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Brent Festige said...

Is that even a real place? It seems made up. I made up a place where these elves live and they make cookies and throw them at frozen cats.