Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Very Nice Moomin Card with Moomin Stamps!

These are the very pretty Moomin stamps that
Markku put on the card I received this morning.
Aren't they nice?

My friend, Markku, who sent me a beautiful card earlier,
sent me another card--this time a MOOMIN card! He
said that he had noticed that I like Moomin (Yes! I do!),
so he sent me this nice card. I love it!

Markku is such a thoughtful person to do this for me.
He also put some very nice Moomin stamps on the card!

I would like to know what the card says below the picture but,
unfortunately, I do not understand Finnish. Maybe someone
can translate it for me!

Thank you, Markku, for such a nice surprise in my mailbox!
Sept. 25, 2008--Update:
Markku sent me the translation on the Moomin card
I received yesterday. It says: "Now, it is the time to relax and enjoy life."
Actually, he had put the translation on the card, but I didn't know that it was
the translation. As I told him in a message, I had thought that was his
'philosophy of life'. It is a pretty good philosophy, don't you think?

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