Monday, September 8, 2008

Original Oil Beeswax

I got a beautiful hand-painted postcard today!
It came from Katherine in San Francisco.
She writes, 'My painting is about our community. We (and
the 60,000+ members of Postcrossing) want to give
a part of ourselves to a random like-minded person--and
I think that is beautiful!'
I agree, Katherine! It IS beautiful to give
a part of ourselves,
and I thank you very much for the beautiful card!
Below is the back side of Katherine's card.
I wanted to put it on the blog
because it has such character:
the little 'flip-flops' at the bottom of the card and
the dragonflies on the lower right.
I also appreciate the 'smears' of paint because,
as a painter myself, I 'understand' them!
The card came as I was in the midst of painting
another lighthouse I've been commissioned to paint.
It is Cape Hatteras lighthouse.

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