Monday, September 15, 2008

Latisha's Poem

Hello, my Friend
Good day, How do you do?
Here is something special
I made just for you
Hey ya! Hello, what's up,
Have a good day,
For you, something special
I've got to say.
Hello, how are you?
Hi, my friend,
Wishing you spectacular blessings
From beginning to end.
Hi, nice to meet you,
So glad you are alive,
A life full of joy
May you thrive, may you thrive.
So, nice to know you,
Oh, lucky is me!
You are so wonderful,
So wonderful, you see.
You are so special,
A gift to this Earth.
When God granted blessings,
You were one of His first.
Good morning, good day,
Good afternoon
May your dreams be fulfilled,
May you reach for the stars and the moon.
Let me introduce myself,
I am a youg poet, you see.
Nice to meet you,
Hope it was nice to meet me.
May you truly be blessed
For all eternity,
May you be filled with Love, Hope and Joy,
May you always be happy.
All these things and more
For you is my desire,
Hope you enjoy this poem
May it make you smile,
May it raise your spirits higher.
Good day, nor goodbye,
My poem must end,
A simple wish in these simple words

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