Friday, September 12, 2008

Knoxville, Tennessee

Cathy, from Knoxville, Tennessee,
sent me this picture of her beautiful city.
In the foreground, you see the University of Tennessee's stadium
and arena.
The name of the bridge wasn't mentioned, but I wish it had been
because I am a 'bridge enthusiast'!
At the time of receipt of this card, Hurricane Ike was getting ready
to make landfall somewhere near Galveston. Cathy wrote that her
grandfather was from Galveston so she gets nervous anytime
a big hurricane threatens the island.
Cathy also mentioned in her profile that she had lived in
several places including NYC, Montreal, and New Zealand.
I thought this was a double coincidence since I have also lived
on Cape Cod and the other card that I received today
has apicture from New Zealand!
Thank you, Cathy, for your card a personal message!

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