Saturday, September 13, 2008

Meteora, Greece

I received TWO postcards today. One was from Finland
and the other one from Greece!

Lenia put the two stamps (above) on her card and I love them too.
I especially like the one with the Greek dancers!

This is a private swap card from Lenia, who is studying
in Athens, Greece, although she is from
This is a very unusual place and I had never heard of it
until I received Lenia's card.
These are actually monasteries built upon the rock towers!
Meteora, which means 'suspended in the air' is a 'forest' of conglomerate
rock towers which have been eroded into fantastic peaks
where medieval monks uilt monasteries. In 1988, UNESCO declared
Meteora to be a World Heritage Site.
I was so intrigued by the postcard that I 'googled' the place
and read the fantastic story of these monasteries.
Thank you, Lenia, for such a great postcard!

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