Saturday, November 29, 2008

One from the East, One from the West--USA

Two cards, both from the United States, found
their way to my mailbox today.

Is this a fun card, or what???
Amber sent me the card from Seattle, Washington
on the West Coast.
She says she thought it
was fun and random, even though she doesn't
eat sushi!
I love the card, but I don't eat sushi either.
I got a big laugh with this card!
Thank you, Amber, for the great card!
The second card comes from the East Coast.
Deborah sent me greetings from South Carolina
with this great photo of the Haig Point Range Light.
Deborah is also a lighthouse lover, and that
is why she picked this card--although her favorite
lighthouse is St. Simon's Island in Georgia.
(As a coincidence, St. Simon's is the next lighthouse
I'm planning to paint!)
Thank you, Deborah, for a wonderful card.
I really like it!

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