Saturday, August 15, 2009

From Ephesus, Turkey

I received this card from Ahmetcan, a Postcrossing
user from Turkey. It is claimed that this is the house
where Mary, the mother of Jesus, lived and died after
His resurrection. Jesus had told his beloved disciple,
the apostle John, to care for His mother. Tradition
says John took Mary to his home in Ephesus. This house
is built on a foundation of a house that many believe
is the house where Mary lived. Built in a T-shape,
it has a bedroom on one side of a chapel and a small
kitchen on the other. I have always believed that
John took Mary into his own home and cared for her until
her death. Also, since there were no chapels for Christians
to worship in during the first century A.D., this house
is built on 'speculation' of what might have been.
That said, I do like the card. Thank you, Ahmetcan,
for sending me this nice card.

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