Monday, August 10, 2009

Justine Sends Greetings!

This beautiful picture of nasturtiums was sent to me
by Justine, who lives in 'just across the water from
Seattle'. She says that she likes to hop the ferry and
go into the city whenever she has a little money
to spend. And, even if her 'high school student budget'
doesn't leavey much spending money, they still have
'a ton of fun'. I would love to visit this beautiful
city. The only time I was there, we had just landed
after a flight from Alaska. We were coming home
to Texas after having lived in Alaska for 3 years.
Seattle has so much to offer the visitor, according to
Justine: the underground city, Pike Place Market, the
international district, the art museum and even
dining in the Space Needle's revolving restaurant.
I hope to make it some day!
Thank you for your interesting introduction to
your beautiful city!

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