Thursday, August 6, 2009

Two Cards From Gabi!

I received two cards from my friend in
Weissenhorn, Germany today.
The first card shows a classic Mercedes,
a 'Sleeping Beauty' according to the title.
However, the Sleeping Beauty is hidden under
a layer of rust. You can scratch the rust off the
card to reveal the real Schlafende Schoenheit,
or Sleeping Beauty. It is reallyh a neat card!
I have not scratched all the rust off yet, but
when I do, I will post the picture sans rust.
Gabi and her daughter, Sabine, had taken Sabine's
long-term rental car to exchange it for a new one
at the Mercedes factory. That is where Gabi got
the postcard. Gabi, klthank you so very much!
You made two people very happy with this card.
My son, Jim, is a classic car enthusiast, and he
just happened to be here when the card came.
He loved it too!

The second card from Gabi shows the stalagmites
and stalctites in a cave in Westerheim. These were
formed by thousands of years of dripping water.
The formation in front is called the 'Leaning
Tower of Pisa' and the one behind is the 'Organ'.
The cave reminds me of Carlsbad Caverns in
New Mexico. Thank you, Gabi, for both of these
nice cards.

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