Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trakai Castle, Lithuania

Here is a picture of a beautiful and interesting castle
in Lithuania, about 25 km from Vilnius.
The card comes to me from Viktorija. She says that
she lives in a small village in Lithuania, but will
be leaving it soon because she will be studying at
the university.
I had never heard of this castle before, but it intrigued
me enough that I did some research on it. It has a
long and interesting history (too long for this blog!)
However, I found that it is built on an island in Lake
Galve. The most famous ruler of Lithuania,
Vytautas the Great, lived and died in this castle.
This great stamp, honoring the astronomer,
Galileo, brought Viktorija's card to me.
Thank you, Viktorija, for both the card and
the stamp!
Here is another view of Trakai Castle that I found
on the internet. I think it looks so peaceful with
the colorful little boats in the foreground.

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