Monday, August 31, 2009

A Card From Greenland!!!!!!!!

The flag of Greenland.

Stamps from Greenland.
Last week, I was very fortunate to receive a card
from Lesotho because there are so few Postcrossers
in that country. And now, I am very fortunate again,
for the same reason, to receive a card from Greenland!
David, who lives in Greenland, sent me this great
picture of an Inuit hunter paddling his kayak at
minus 32 degrees Celsius (which, David says, is
minut 25 degrees Fahrenheit!) He also tells me that
'kayak' is derived from a Greenlandic word,
'qujaq'. He also said that, at the moment, it is not
minus 32 degrees C! It is summer and quite
warm--50 degrees F--and the sun is shining.
He says he has a most beautiful view of the fiord
from where he sits.
Thank you, David, for this great card, which is now
one of my favorites!

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