Monday, August 31, 2009

China, Slovakia, and Germany

This card comes from Shun, who lives in Shanghai,
China. She says they are having a terrible summer
in China--hot days and heavy rains. She says she
just stayed at home for this summer vacation
because of the terrible weather and the H1N1 virus
(swine flu). I can relate to that, Shun, because we
have had a record-breaking heat wave in South Texas
this summer too. However, we would welcome some
of the rain, because we have had precious little!
I hope the Autumn brings you some pleasant weather!
Thank you, Shun, for the nice card.
Now this is a place I would love to visit--Cafe Balzer and
Kurcafe Balzer! It was sent to me by Bjorn, a 24-year-old
man who lives in Germany. I remember visiting places
such as these when I lived in Germany. I loved the
cafes, the conditerei, and the gasthauses.
Thank you, Bjorn, for the very nice card! I love it!
Miroslava, who lives in Slovakia, sent her
greetings with this postcard. I am not sure
what the card says, but the views of the park,
the statue, and a building are all very nice.
Thank you, Miroslava, for the pretty card!

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