Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Poster Card From the U.K.

Kellie, who lives in England, sent me this
great reproduction of a World War II poster.
"Propaganda posters urged a wide range of economies.
Clothes were rationed in 1941 and all resources
directed to the war effort."
Kellie says she has lived in England all her life,
but she is also American--her Dad is from
Ann Arbor, Michigan. She is also very interested
in WWII and how people's lives were changed
by it.
I love the card, Kellie. It is so unique!
Thank you very much!

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http://cricrih.over-blog.com said...

Oh I love this card !!!

AmitiƩs de France...

Christel "^.^"
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Sorry for my bad english...