Wednesday, October 7, 2009

3 Private Swaps

Today's mail brought 3 privately exchanged cards.
This card came from Ann, in France. Isn't it a gorgeous
picture? I love the wavy wrapping around the
lighthouse! Ann lives part-time in France and
part-time in England. She tells me that her husband
worked 3 years in Paris, and when they returned to
England, they missed the way of life in France. So,
when he retired, they decided to have the best of
both worlds!
Thank you, Ann, for your beautiful card!
This is card #3 (of 6) in my Monday exchanges with Thea,
from Hoorn, Netherlands. I have already received all
the other cards, so this one must have been 'gotten lost'
on its way to Texas! 'Lighthouse Lover' that I am,
this is a perfect choice for me! Thank you, Thea, for
the beautiful card and the nice exchange we have
This card comes to me from Bruce, in Las Vegas.
He said, 'Don't let the picture fool you; it's not
always the 4th of July here. It just feels that way!'
It's a beautiful card, Bruce, and I thank you for the
opportunity to swap cards with you. I really like
the 'really old' stamps that Bruce put on his card.
You can see them below. They are stamps from
the '50's and 60's. I think that's really neat.
I wonder where you get such old unused stamps.

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