Wednesday, October 7, 2009

OneDutch, One Finnish, One Lithuanian Card

In addition to the three private swaps below
(scroll down), I received these beautiful
European cards.
This card comes to me from Maaike, who lives
in the Netherlands. I love the little wooden
shoes on the card!
Thank you, Maaike, for the great card!
This card is from Laura, who lives in the middle part of
Finland. However, she says she has visited Lappland, and
hopes to someday live there. She really liked it there.
This card shows water rushing over rocks in a little
'tundra brook'. Thank you, Laura, for the great card!
Laura put the beautiful 'northern lights' stamp (below)
on her card.

Kristina, who lives in Vilnius, Lithuania, sent me this
beautiful card. She also wrote a beautifully poetic note
in her card, describing the winter, the changing seasons,
and the beautiful country where she lives. I loved
reading her note so much, because I could almost
'see' the things she was describing. She wrote, "I am
sending you my love of incomprehensibly deep forests,
little springs flowing somewhere in there, dark green
shades of grass and of white immense wastelands in
winter. This country is too little to be noticed in the
map but, believe me, it's as vast as Narnia."
Thank you, Kristina, for your card and your
beautiful writing!
The gorgeous stamp below brought Kristina's
card to me.

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