Saturday, October 3, 2009

3 Cards, 3 Continents: Netherlands, USA, Australia

Here are three beautiful cards I received from three
different continents:
The first card comes to me from The Netherlands,
on the European continent. It is
the sixth of six cards that Thea and I agreed to exchange.
This one is a packet of 'forget-me-not' seeds that came
in the form of a postcard. I LOVE it! I can hardly wait
to plant them. I have seen lots of pictures of
forget-me-nots, but I can't remember ever seeing
one 'au naturel'!
Thank you, Thea, for this six-week exchange of cards.
I have enjoyed it and hope we can do it again sometime.
The second of my inter-continental cards is from
my own continent--North America. Elena sent me
this beautiful card showing the Manhattan Bridge over
the East River, New York City. I have been a member
of Postcrossing for 15 months now, and this is the
first card I have received from New York City.
It is beautiful and I love it, Elena!

And the third continent in this series is Australia.
This wonderful card, sent to me by Shona, shows
many of the various landscapes and interesting
flora and fauna of that continent. It is beautiful
and I appreciate it very much, Shona! Thank you!

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