Thursday, November 20, 2008

California and Finland

Two more nice cards came in the mail today.
It seems that, no matter how many cards I get,
I am always thrilled with each one!
Have a look at these.

This card comes from B in Ventura, California.
It says, 'An intrepid surfer finds himself riding around Ventura
on a Fat Tire cruiser with a Vintage 70's Single Fin in hand,
patiently waiting for a swell to arrive.
As I told B, I am not a very good swimmer and I would be afraid
to try surfing, but I am very good at beachcombing and internet surfing!
Thank you, B, for this great card!
This card came fromPekka Jalonen in Loimaa, Finland.
He says this is the castle of Turku.
I love these old castles. They remind me of fairy tales, beautiful
princesses and handsome princes!
This one reminds me of one in Spangdahlem, Germany,
which was supposed to be the castle in the story of Repunzel.
Thank you, Pekka, for a lovely card.
This is the stamp on Pekka's card. I think the man in the picture
may be a carpenter. It is a nice stamp.

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