Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Kaj Stenvall Postcard from Finland

My first Kaj Stenvall card comes to me
as a 'thank you' from Johanna Jokela.
I had sent a postcard to her little daughter.
Kaj Stenvall is a Finniah artist who has become quite famous for
his paintings, each of which includes 'a very familiar
looking duck'. As you can see on the card above, he is sitting
on a flag-draped couch in this picture. Many see a likeness
between this duck and Disney's Donald Duck.
Kaj Stenvall maintains a gallery of his work in Helsinki, Finland.
Three more samples of his work are below.
Thank you, Johanna, for the great Stenvall card!

There were four (or, maybe, five) stamps on Johanna's
card. I like the bears with the snowy trees because,
when I think of Finland, snow always comes to mind!

And, of course, lighthouse-hugger
that I am, I always like the
lighthouse stamps. I believe
this one is the Gustav Dalen
lighthouse west of the border
between Aland and the Finnish
archipelagos. It was built in 1947.

This is a double stamp, joined at the corners.
I have always been fascinated by the Northern Lights, which
are shown on the left stamp. And there is a beautiful
snowflake on the stamp on the right. They are joined to
each other by a silver 'sparkly' snowflake in the corner.
The little cross-shaped stamp in the lower right corner seems
to have trees on it, but I can't tell for sure because of the
I think Finland has some of the most beautiful and
unique stamps of any I have seen!

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