Thursday, November 27, 2008

Juminda Tuletorn

Diana sent me this beautiful lighthouse
postcard from Estonia. She says that when she
was a little girl, she always wanted to become
a lighthouse keeper. She adds that she still has
a 'thing with lighthouses'. I understand completely,
Diana, because I also have a 'thing with lighthouses'!
2 1/2 sides of Estonia's border is coastline and
it has more than 70 lighthouses.
This lighthouse is the Juminda Tuletorn
('tuletorn' means lighthouse in Estonian). It was built
in 1937 on the biggest peninsula on Estonia's
northern shore, and was 26 meters high. In 2006, eight
metal cylinders were added to the upper shaft, and
now it stands 32 meters high, with two galleries.
Juminda Tuletorn was first painted black and white, but after the
addition, it was painted red at the top, black in the middle
and white at the bottom.
Thank you, Diana, for another great lighthouse to add to
my lighthouse postcard collection!
Diana also put some great lighthouse stamps on her card.
The one on the left is Vaindloo tuletorn, which is on a small
island in the Gulf of Finland. The other, of course, is
Juminda Tuletorn.

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