Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two from Sisko, One from Isabella

Today is the first day I have had any Postcrossing
mail since October 31!
However, todays's mail brought a letter
from penpal Sisko, which also had two postcards inside,
and an official Postcrossing card from
Isabella in Italy.
How nice!!!
This is Isabella's card. It is a beautiful card of Venezia (Venice) in Italy.
Isabella asked if I had ever been here. I had to tell her,
'Sadly, no!'
She said she chose the card because, if I like places around water,
I shouldn't miss this one. I would really love to see it, Isabella!
Thank you so much for the lovely card.

Isabella's card came with a great stamp too!
This is an Olympics 2008 stamp from Italy.
Again, I thank you, Isabella!

Sisko tells me that this cathedral in in Turku, which is the nearest
big city to her home in Ypaja. She says that they go shopping in Turku.
She lived there for two years while she was studying.
This is the church that Sisko and her family attend. The picture
was taken at night during the Christmas season.
Isn't it beautiful?
Thank you, Sisko, for your cards and letter.

These beautiful stamps
brought Sisko's letter to me.
I think Finland has beautiful
Thank you, and I'll be
writing to you soon, Sisko.

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