Saturday, November 29, 2008

View from Ljubljana, Slovenia

France Preseren, a national poet of Slovenia,
first studied law. However, it is his beautiful poetry
that brought him fame.
A Wreath of Sonnets (4/14)
These tear-stained flowers of a poet's mind,
Culled from my bosom, lay it wholly bare;
My heart's a garden: Love is sowing there
Sad elegies each with my longing signed.
You are their sun whole radiance, purblind,
I seek in vain at home and everywhere,
In theatre, on promenade and square,
Midst revels where the chains of dancers wind.
How often through the town with watchful eyes
I wander, praying for a fate more kind,
Yet catch no glimpse of that elusive prize.
I shed my tears to loneliness confined:
Hence all these songs which from my love arise;
They come from where no man can sunshine find.
Rebecca sent me this view of Ljubljana, Slovenia,
where she lives. She says that this is a picture of Preseren Square.
In the middle stands a statue of France Preseren.
(See photo of statue below.)
Above his head is his muse, the lady he loved and to whom
he dedicated his best work--Julija Primic.
Preseren was poor and Julija Primic was rich and she was
unimpressed with his poetry. However, he continued to write
poems and sonnets.
Rebecca also tells me that the three bridges in the picture on the card
were the work of Slovenia's famed architect, Josef Pleswic.
The street on the left takes you to the market. The one on the right
leads to Old Ljubljana where the old buildings have 'soul',
according to Rebecca.
Thank you, Rebecca for teaching me about your city and your poet.

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